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Workshop on Retrofitting of Steel Structures @ IIT Hyderabad [Sept 27-28]: Apply by Sept 15


A challenging task for engineers working in the field is the development of an efficient and economical retrofitting system for the increase of load capacity in existing structures due to increased live loads. Upgrading the design load of the structure by replacing its structural members is often more expensive and time-consuming than the rehabilitation of a deteriorated structure.
The replacement of a structural member typically leads to prolonged service interruption compared to retrofitting, which usually takes minimum installation time, or in case the retrofitting techniques are in situ (both casting and installation), the service interruption may be avoided.
Although the strengthening method using the installation of steel plates over the atrophied steel structure (parent member) is available, the shortcomings in its adaptability reduce the effectiveness of such an approach.

1. Introduction to all the retrofitting methods

(a) Conventional methods

(b) CFRP methods

(c) Innovative methods

2. Testing methods

(a) Testing of Laminates

(b) Testing of Full scale structural members

3. Introduction to the design specifications

(a) Low-modulus CFRP

(b) Hi-modulus CFRP

(c) Various failure mode limit states

4. Demonstration of design methods for retrofitted methods

(a) Beam design (for MOMENT and SHEAR LOADING)

(b) Column Design (for AXIAL and ECCENTRIC LOADING)

5. Demonstration of development of Finite element models

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Course Fee


  • Rs. 5000+GST = Rs. 5900 – for the Professors/Lecturer/Engineer/Consultant
  • Rs. 2000+GST = Rs. 2360 – for the Researcher/Graduate Student/M.Tech Student/B.E or B.Tech Student
  • Rs. 2000+GST = Rs. 2360 – for the individual who completed the graduation and waiting for the job (self registration form should be used).

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