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Webinar on Hunger and Harmony: Food Wastage and Resource Conflicts by PeaceX Organisation [Oct 3, 11: 30 AM]: Registration Open

About the PeaceX Organisation

PeaceX is an international amity and peace organisation that affirms to strive for the morals of harmonious coexistence and positive multifaceted development of peoples with a cooperative consortium of youth across the world. Our series of Virtual Rendezvous-webinars cover a range of themes including but not limited to Peace, Well-being, Sustainable Development, Policy, Literacy, Environmentalism and Fake News.

About the Webinar

The Webinar on Hunger and Harmony: Food Wastage and Resource Conflicts is organised by PeaceX Organisation on Oct 3, 2020 at 11: 30 AM.


Open for all

About the Theme

Food is a staple human right for every human being. However, the world is not on track to achieve Zero Hunger anytime soon. The COVID-19 pandemic could skyrocket the number of starved, putting an additional 130 million people at risk of suffering acute hunger by the end of 2020.

The echo of the rumbling of stomachs will soon overcome the bedlam of the artillery. Or so foretell the 690 million hungry stomachs and the 135 million from those ravaged by resource-fed conflicts.

Hunger is perhaps the greatest cause of fighting: humanity has been ravaged by a plethora of wars due to the unavailability of food and other basic necessities. Our fabric of harmony has been torn and it is time to harmonize our efforts to stitch it back together.

About the Speaker

Jichen Liu is the Founder and CEO of Clear Plate, an app that rewards people for reducing food waste. He was recently inducted into the 2020 Class of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

Liu has long been concerned about food and environmental issues. He is also the director of Youth Vegetarian Development Fund, a charitable foundation project aiming to promote plant-based lifestyle and support youth veg-advocates. Thanks to his years of experience in the field of social innovation, he won the Champion of UNDP Youth-Change-Maker Challenge, Social Entrepreneurship Star of The Year 2019, and a Gold Medal in the Entrepreneurship Competition at Tsinghua University.

How to Register?
  • Interested applicants can register for the webinar through this link.
  • E-certificates provided.
  • No registration fees.




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