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Webinar on Cyber Security Essentials for Secure Organization by NPC [Oct 30, 11 Am]: Registrations Open

About the Webinar

With IT environments becoming more complex and more connected, it becomes equally important to secure data, applications and IT environment from external breaches. Cyber security has become a specialization by itself. It encompasses all tools, techniques, and processes that are associated with protecting sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health data (PHI), personal information, intellectual property, software assets, data, government & industry information from theft and intentional damage by adversaries.

In fact, cyber security is essential to secure even our personal devices from intrusion. When the possibility of cyber threats coming from anywhere and anytime, it is important that we are aware of the basics of IT security, nature of potential threats, and the defense mechanisms. This session provides a basic orientation to the fundamentals in the field of cyber security that every individual who is a uses IT systems must know. There are no pre-requisites or qualifications required for participants to attend this session.

  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Rs. 590/- including GST per Participant

Sh. Sirish Kumar Polamraju

Adept and experienced at handling a product portfolio comprising of 100-200 resources both in projectized and matrix organization structures. Adequately knowledgeable in exploring market expectations, opportunity space for innovative IT solutions as well as forecasting revenue. Managed P&L for an entire product suite managing projects worth of 3 -5 million dollars in a fiscal year.

Proven acumen in grasping customer’s core business concerns, envisaging and defining product feature functionality in alignment with customer expectations from an IT solution standpoint. Experienced in handling a wide diversity of clients in India as well as in abroad. Conducted several product orientation training sessions to end-users. Actively involved in presales presentations to prospective clients.


Tel: 040-24733473, 9860439586
Email: Ls.kamde[at]

Webinar on Cyber Security Essentials for Secure Organization by NPC.





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