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Volunteering Opportunity at Make A Different [Delhi Location]: Applications Open

Make A Difference, Delhi Chapter is recruiting volunteers across various verticals. Delhi Chapter is recruiting for different volunteering roles. These include teaching, fundraising, mentorship, campaigns, human capital and more.

About the cause

There are approximately 35 million children in India who are in need of care and protection. These children struggle to achieve equitable outcomes in life across spheres such as education, employment, and social.

About the organization

Make A Difference is a non-profit organization working to ensure better outcomes for children in need of care and protection. We have been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the last 6 years.


Anyone! This year we are even open to people currently based out of Delhi.

How to apply?

Interested candidates can apply online via this page.

Skills you will get

Collectively identify problems in your community, design solutions with the wisdom of the collective and tackle the problem at its core, mobilize the resources required to implement the solution from your own community, and deliver it by working together seamlessly in large self-organising teams.

It will transform you into the catalyst in your community, to enable it to transition from the current oppressive, exploitative and destructive system to a kind, nourishing and regenerative system.


Email: cityteamlead2.delhi[at]

Volunteering Opportunity at Make A Different.




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