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Vishwapreneur 2022 by VIIT, Pune [April 16-17]: Register Now!

EDC VIIT is delighted to announce its annual flagship event, Vishwapreneur 2022, which is to be held from April 16 to 17, 2022.


EDC VIIT is one of the most active student cell of Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology,
Pune. We work as a professional organization to incubate college startups and encourage students through various programs and activities for the corporate world. We strive to promote, sustain, practice, and manifest the spirit of entrepreneurship among individuals by providing them a platform to convert their ideas into successful ventures. We always believe in the development of every individual who is directly or indirectly associated with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

About Vishwapreneur 2022

Vishwapreneur is the two-day national level flagship event of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of
BRACT’s Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology. This is a platform for budding entrepreneurs to seek motivation and guidance through the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, creators, business tycoons and other guests from all walks of life.

The event is designed to inspire, invigorate and innovate ideas, businesses, and dreams in all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Vishwapreneur’22 is the 9th edition of the successful ‘Vishwapreneur’ series. This year is an opportunity for the event to go ‘Global’. In difficult times we tend to turn towards innovation. As a result, this event can witness the arrival of new and innovative ideas. There is a boom in the startup culture in India.

Vishwapreneur’22 aims to promote the startup culture by bringing together opportunities and aspiring
people. There will be a variety of sessions on trending topics like Startups, Fintech, Web 3.0, and Edtech,
among others. The event hosts a platform for curious people to gain additional and invaluable knowledge.

Vishwapreneur 2022 by VIIT, Pune [April 16-17]: Register Now!


Vishwapreneur advocates assimilating the entrepreneurial mindset in every attendee to create promising
entrepreneurs in the upcoming future. We aim to provide exposure to all attendees about concepts of
entrepreneurship, various opportunities in industries, and an overview of the current and expected future
global markets.


Vishwapreneur has been evolving since 2013 with new guests to envision its divine success. From
hosting diverse entrepreneurs, creators, and experts every year at a much larger scale than before, this
year Vishwapreneur has decided to expand its stellar event worldwide, providing opportunities to people


Vishwapreneur is an incomparable event that sows the seeds of creativity among budding entrepreneurs to think indifferently and bring something new out of the box.

Guests at Vishwapreneur 2022 by VIIT, Pune [April 16-17]


The E-Summit is open to everyone who wishes to learn, explore and gain new insights into the current
emerging and diverse fields.

How to Register?

One can register by visiting the Vishwapreneur website and fulfilling the registration requirements.
Click here to register.


  • Ishank Sharma: +91 8830898505
  • Raghav Mawani: +91 9011041122

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  1. Vishwaprenuer’22 is a event where we can learn about different domains in one event 💯💯💯💯

  2. Very much excited for Vishwapreneur’22 ! Covering guests from various fields, pannel discussions on various topics, providing with 10+ skills and immense networking opportunities. Definitely an event worth every penny !! 🔥💯

  3. Vishwaprenuer’22 is a E-Summit with one of the most important Sessions in it. 💯💯