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Top 5 Tips to Prepare for CAT 2022

CAT stands for Common Admission Test. It is an entrance exam that allows students to join prestigious management institutes in India.

It consists of 3 sections: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability. There are many things you can do to prepare for the CAT. To ace your CAT 2022 exam, here are 5 tips to help you prepare.

  1. Look For A Good CAT Tutor

If you’re looking for a tutor, make sure they are qualified and professional. Mostly someone who has taken and aced the exam themselves. A professional tutor will offer regular feedback on your progress and performance.

If it’s an exam like the CAT, then you need someone who has taken these exams before so they can advise about what works best for you. They should provide sample tests from previous students and their personal experiences. You can check out BellCAT that brings to you tutors and mentors who have ‘been there and done that’.

  1. Know-How To Study For CAT Exam On Your Own

Is it almost time for CAT, and you’re not sure how to get prepared? With so many tips and tricks on the internet, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. To prepare for it yourself, simply read through all the material provided by BellCAT – this will help you understand the concepts better and make them easier to remember.

  1. Preparing Yourself Mentally

It’s not easy to prepare for a standardized test, but it is possible. The following are top ways to prepare for the CAT 2022 exam mentally:

  • Train your brain with a mind-sharpening technique.
  • Keep your eye on the prize.
  • Stay calm, and don’t let others’ nerves rub off on you.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  1. Prepare In Advance

Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide are preparing to take CAT 2022. It is a time-consuming and demanding process. However, as with any major undertaking, it is important to prepare well in advance for this intense exam.

  • Gather current information on the changes that have been made over the last few years regarding CAT testing. 
  • Review your progress against your cumulative index of scores from previous CAT tests. 
  • Make sure you understand how the new format will work before sitting down to write an essay or solve a problem. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the test content by reading sample questions online. 
  • Finally, practice mock tests and questions.
  1. Pressure Can Make Things Worse

It is essential for every candidate not to take severe pressure regarding this exam. Too much tension can cause one to forget the answers even before starting to give the exam. Hence, be relaxed, keep your mind fresh, and give your best.


Preparing for the Common Admission Test (CAT) is not easy. There are many things to do and many resources to prepare for this exam. With that said, you must remember that CAT 2022 might be your last opportunity to get into any of the top B-schools. So, you must prepare well for CAT 2022 with one of the best CAT coaching institutions in Kolkata, BellCAT.


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