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The Trivium Forever Canvas Challenge 2022: Submit by Jan 4

Trivium invites creative minds to the Forever Canvas Challenge applications to use it as a canvas for creativity and design. Entries are now open.

About the Challenge

The new design competition from Trivium Packaging celebrates the possibilities of metal packaging and invites you to use it as a canvas for your creativity and design.

It’s called the Forever Canvas because the metal packaging recycles forever, which makes it a gleaming blank canvas that can uniquely come back for more, over, and over, again. So when it says the possibilities are endless, it’s true in so many ways. Take selected products from our range, in all the raw metal beauty, and create clever, eye-catching, memorable designs.

Categories and technical specifications

  • Beverage bottles
    • These are ideal for a wide variety of beverage products, including spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, and water.
  • Threaded bottles
    • These are used for a wide variety of product types including hand soap, shampoo & conditioner, OTC supplements, cleaners and face wash & moisturizers
  • Aerosols
    • These are used for a wide variety of product types including hairspray, dry shampoo, deodorants, sanitizers and cleaning sprays, as well as foodstuff from whipped cream to olive oil.
  • Food
    • These are used for food products such as seafood and petfood.


The creative community are eligible to help showcase the graphical possibilities of metal in this highly sustainable packaging form. This is your chance to create show-stopping graphics that will make cans and bottles pop.

What’s in it for you?

  • The competition is a great opportunity for budding or transitioning designers to launch themselves into the world of packaging design with a named credit from a world leader in metal packaging and a standout portfolio piece.
  • The winning designs will be made into real-life limited-edition prototypes and shot by a leading packaging photographer.
  • The resulting imagery will star on the new Trivium website and in a PR campaign across the USA and Europe, including video content for social media.


  • Winners will receive a real-life limited-edition version of their design to proudly showcase their creative genius.
  • Your designs may also be entered into packaging award competitions where you will be credited.
  • Upon the winners’ approval, we may also add winners to our roster of designers which can result in future opportunities with our clients at some of the worlds leading brands.

Submission Process

Choose your blank canvas – there is a range of templates for you to select, from cans to bottles and aerosols
Create a design for a maximum of two product categories – each template comes with guidelines and technical instructions.
Get creative – we need to receive your designs between 15th November and the 4th of January 2022.
Submit your design – just complete the straightforward form and upload your designs. Please also include a headshot, a description of your design with rationale for your work and a mock-up as well as finished artwork to the correct specification

Selection Process

  • A great idea that that has inspired your designs
  • An attractive design expression that has real stand-out power and reflects the product category
  • A design which really lends itself to the properties of printing on metal
  • A design which brands would be proud to own, and consumers would want to display and keep in their homes.

How to Submit?

Interested can submit their creativity by clicking here.

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