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TechnoRion Tech Fest @ IIT Bombay [Prizes worth upto Rs. 2 Lakhs, Dec 14-16]: Register by Sep 30

About Techfest

Techfest provides a platform for one and all to witness one of the most beautiful and groundbreaking amalgamations of science and technology. Techfest for the past 21 years has served to be the ideal destination for the millennials to learn, create and experience the beauty of technology.

May it be the discovery of fire or the modern-day robots, competitions have always played a vital role. Techfest, IIT Bombay presents to you, a series of mind-boggling competitions where you are invited to take your experience from the past, execute the ideation in the present and thrive in your future endeavours.
Providing a platform for the innovative minds across the country to showcase their technical skills and giving them an opportunity to experience technology, Techfest 2018-19 presents ‘TechnoRion’ in 5 major cities of our country. The venues of each zonal are out!! Prize money of INR 2 Lakh awaits you.
  1. CoDecode: Teams are required to solve the real-life problems through coding. Participants have to coordinate amongst team members for solving maximum questions in specified time interval in the most efficient way. Programming skills of participants would be tested in this competition.
  2. Meshmerize: Teams have to build an autonomous robot which can follow a white line and keep track of directions while going through the maze. The bot has to analyze its path in the dry run and has to go through the maze from the starting point to the ending point in shortest path in actual run.
  3. Op. Rahat: To design a drone of given dimensions which can cross the obstacles and tackle wind patterns, carry and hover with the given load, aimed at dropping a medical kit for trapped refugees in a disaster-affected area in minimum time without crashing.
  4. Periscope Challenge: The competition is a gamified version of the real world situation, where organizations given the constraints of budget, have to decide basis historical risk patterns, which assets are more prone to risk and thus need to be insured. The game will aid the participants to develop a basic understanding of speciality insurance and broking industry.
  5. Cozmo Clench: The team has to build a manually controlled robot which can do simple tasks of gripping blocks and putting them in different time zones so that it can complete the route by overcoming the obstacles in its path. The bot can be wired or wireless. In case the participants use a wireless mechanism, they must use a dual frequency remote.

For more information about other events and for registration visit the official site by clicking here.


Regions, Dates and College
  1. Kolkata- 23 Sept., University of Engineering & Management.
  2. Bhopal- 23 Sept., Oriental Group of Institutes.
  3. Mumbai- 30 Sept., IIT Bombay.
  4. Jaipur- 30 Sept., Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology.
  5. Bengaluru- 30 Sept., Universite Visvesvaraya College of Engineering.

In its 22nd edition, Techfest is back and ready to amaze you, showcasing the technologies of the times of ancient civilizations to the modern out of the box innovations. Exhibitions at Techfest are one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience the grandness of what the world calls modern science and technology.

There is no entry fee for Exhibitions at Techfest, everybody can attend it free of cost. They must, at all times carry a valid ID proof with them. The exhibitions are on the dates 14th-16th Dec, 2018.


Techfest presents to you the 22nd edition of Lectures, a course of events that showcase some of the most prominent personas across the globe belonging to a range of diverse fields.


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