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STEMist Hacks 2022 by STEMist Education [June 24-26]: Register Now!

STEMist Education is organising STEMist Hacks 2022 from June 24 to 26, 2022. Register now!

About STEMist Education

STEMist Education is a student-for-student organization aiming to catalyze our students’ growth and love for STEM-related subjects. However, their goal is not contained in that scope. We hope to empower students with foundational concepts that they will use throughout their life- cooperation, competition, leadership, and most of all – fun!

Founded in the bay-area in 2020, STEMist has reached out to an upwards of 200 students online through Zoom teaching-sessions.

About STEMist Hacks

To raise awareness and provide an encouraging environment for those interested in tech fields particularly, STEMist decided to create STEMist Hacks. They hope that by adding a form of competition and fun whilst still preserving the systematic school system, we can encourage students to learn in a fresh and interesting way.


To act in parallel with our organization’s goals and Devpost’s (the site we’re running on) restrictions, the age of participants MUST be between 13 to 18 years old. To view a full list of all rules that need to be complied with, visit


With over $20,000 (₹15,48,960) of prizes available to claim amongst participants, we hope that those that attend will find an incentive to explore the vast fields of technology.

Their current prize pool looks like this [$20,229 (₹15,67,130.52) of prizes:

  • Lifetime “Taskade Unlimited” Subscription (3): A lifetime long Unlimited Plan for Taskade for the top 3 winning contestants overall, provided by Taskade.
  • 2-Year NordVPN Subscription (3): A 2 year subscription to NordVPN provided by NordVPN.
  • Desmos T-Shirt + Socks: A raffled prize of 1 Desmos T-Shirt and a pair of socks, provided by Desmos.
  • 1-Year Subscription Licenses to Axure RP Team Edition: A 1-year subscription to Azure RP Team Edition, provided by Axure.
  • AoPS Coupon at Checkout (4): $25 (₹1,936.92) off your next purchase at AoPS checkout – provided graciously by AoPS.
  • Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Pro (3): A one year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition subscription and a one year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro, provided by Wolfram.
  • 5-Year “Taskade Unlimited” Subscription (20): A 5 year plan for “Taskade Unlimited” offered by Taskade.
  • Sticker Mule $20 (₹1,548.97) Voucher: A raffled prize of $20 (₹1,548.97) voucher for your next purchase(s) graciously provided by Sticker Mule.
  • 12-Month Sashi Do Subscription and Credits (20): Sashi Do’s subscription and provided credits including 1 million push notifications, 40 GB of file storage, 1 GB of database storage, 500 GB of data transfer and 1 background job.

Even if you do not win one of these prizes, there are raffle prizes available to everybody who completes a task provided during the competition. More details will come soon!

Signups and Agenda

Signups can be found here. Also, make sure to sign up with this google form! Be sure to join their hackathon’s Discord as well for up-to-date information.

Their ever-increasing list of workshops by their gracious sponsors makes their agenda ever-changing. Please refer to for an up-to-date schedule.


For any questions and concerns, please reach out in their Discord or email We hope to see you at the hackathon!

STEMist Hacks’ Sponsors

NoticeBard is proud to be the Media Partner for this event!


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