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Songs of the Soil-IKS Traditional Song and Rhyme Competition at MyGov [Class 1-5]: Submit by July 27

Submissions are invited for Songs of the Soil-IKS Traditional Song and Rhyme Competition by MyGov for the year 2022. The last date of submission is 27 July.


The rich musical traditions of Bharat consisting of numerous genres reflects the vastness and diversity of this land. From ancient times, people in Bharat created several songs, ballads and rhymes in many dialects and languages of this vibrant nation. They accompanied them with the music of unique instruments from different regions to bring together members of their communities often on moonlit nights under starry skies.

The Traditional song and rhyme competition, being organized by the IKS Division of the Ministry of Education at AICTE, is your chance to charm your listeners around the globe with your traditional song or rhyme.


This competition is strictly for school children from Classes 1 to 5.


  • Prepare a short video (1-2 mins) of a traditional rhyme or song that you are presenting in your language with your grandparent or any elderly member of your family or your neighborhood other than your parents.
  • Submit the video with a short description of what the song/rhyme means, so that friends from other parts of the country and the world can enjoy its special sense and rhythm (Minimum 200 words- maximum 500 words).


  • The length of the video should strictly be between 1 to 2 minutes, including the beginning and end credits.
  • The video can be in either colour or monochrome in time-lapse/normal mode.
  • The video has to be shot in HD format within the ratio 16:9 in Horizontal format.
  • The video should begin with a self-introduction which includes your name, age, class, name of the song/ rhyme and end with the credits including your collaborator and production assistants.


Last date of Submission is 27th July 2022.


Interested candidates can submit entries via this page.

Click here to view the official notification of Songs of the Soil-IKS Traditional Song and Rhyme Competition.

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