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Poster Making Contest – Motor Vehicle Driving Regulations by MyGov [Cash Prizes of Rs. 25k]: Submit by Dec 31

Submissions are invited for Poster Making Contest – Motor Vehicle Driving Regulations by MyGov for the year 2021. The last date of submission is 31 December.


Posters as a type of visual art have become an important tool for advertising and promoting a plethora of causes. It is in fact a scientifically proven fact that posters have the potential to effectively expand knowledge, change attitudes and alter behaviors. When 17 lives are lost every passing hour in India owing to road crashes and close to 150 wild animals die due to the carelessness of the one on the driving seat, it would be a relevant measure to utilize the creative thinking and aesthetic skills of young artists across the nation especially in propagating the message of road safety to the masses.

In light of this, we’d like to offer a warm welcome to all the budding artists to participate in this Poster-Making competition and use your creative minds to create art that inspires. So, pick up your art supplies, turn on your graphic tablets and create breathtaking posters on the theme!

We welcome entries in the form of digital submissions, hand-drawn sketches, paintings with any medium, and illustrations.


The theme for this event is Motor Vehicle Driving Regulations

As far as Indian roads are concerned, the rights and responsibilities of cyclists, walking pedestrians, and wheelchair users (adapted vehicles) are constantly overlooked in practice albeit legal protections. Despite the Indian Motor Vehicles Acts providing cyclists equal rights and status as motorized vehicles on highways, they are often sidelined, and casualties among this group is alarmingly high.

Similarly, multiple legislations, including the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Regulation Act 1988 legally protects the lives of pedestrians by prohibiting motor vehicles on footpaths and instituting large fines against violations. Yet, 62 pedestrians die daily in the country. Even for adaptive vehicles like wheelchairs, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act mandates the requirements and lays out ownership laws for the disabled person.

However, there are very few public utilities that meet these mandates, and the consequent vulnerability largely lowers ease of travel for the community. At the face of such unequal and unfortunate circumstances, this theme urges the participants to think creatively and empathetically, as well as familiarize themselves with these legal protections to unlearn the internalized bias against non-motorized means of travel.


Entry into the Contest is open to people of all ages.

Important dates

  • Call for entries – 15 November 2021
  • Last day for submission of entries – 31 December 2021


  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • This competition is free to enter (no purchase required unless otherwise stated).


The best 5* entries will receive Rs 5,000/- each.

Judgment Criteria

  • Impact and relevance to theme
  • Ability to stand alone- The poster should be able to stand alone as a clear communication of the theme prescribed.
  • Overall Visual appeal
  • Legibility
  • Quality of graphic

Click here to view the official notification of Poster Making Contest – Motor Vehicle Driving Regulations by MyGov.

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