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The People’s Conference’18, PES University MUN [Nov 3-5, Bengaluru]: Prizes Worth Rs. 1.5L; Registrations Open

The PES Model UN Society was founded in the year 2013, and we have since established ourselves as of the most formidable and accomplished delegations across the country, having won 12 Best Delegation awards in our short existence, 9 of them in a row.

The year 2015 ushered in the first edition of The People’s Conference, and ever since its first edition, the Conference has grown into one of South India’s most prestigious Model United Nations Conferences. In it’s 4th edition, the People’s Conference will expand to nearly 300 delegates from 7 states and 40 institutions across the country.

The People’s Conference has always attracted the best Executive Board Members from across India, whose collective experience totals over 400 MUN conferences, across the length and breadth of the country.

The committees and agendas being simulated at our conference are unparalleled across the Indian MUN circuit. PES has always prioritized providing opportunities to students from schools to engage and deliberate on matters of world importance and we feel this exercise will be complete with your school’s participation.


There are also cash prizes worth INR 1,50,000 to be won by the delegates attending the conference.

Best Delegate Prize: INR 10,000

Honorable Delegate Prize: INR 6000

Commendable Delegate Prize: INR 3000

Best Delegation Prize: 15,000 (In order to qualify for this award, a delegation must have 9+ delegates)

(Delegations comprising lesser than 9 students can also register, however they won’t be in contention for the Best Delegation Prize)

Dates of Competition

3rd November, 2018 to 5th November, 2018


Register by clicking here.

Delegate Fee: INR 1200

Accommodation Fee: INR 1600


Mukund Sood : 9900314000
Sabeel Mehkri : 9739408181
Puneet Acharya: 9740269281

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