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Pecfest’18 Techno Cultural Fiesta @ Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh [Oct 26-28]: Registrations Open

About Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

Punjab Engineering College is one of the India’s premier and oldest institutes which focuses in the field of applied sciences, particularly engineering and technology.

About PECfest
PECFEST is the annual cultural-technical festival of PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. A confluence of art, talent and attractions.
PECFEST aims to inculcate a culture of passion and indsutriousness through the events that are organised at the avant garde level. The current version of the PECFEST is aiming for a participation that echoes with passion and dedication bundled together in an unprecedented extravaganza.
  1. Technical: The best of the brilliant minds will be surfaced and the innovations from the erudite will be discovered. For those crazy after the codes and passionate for the rev of an engine or the speed of a bot, PECfest calls you to celebrate your zest for all things technical and explore the joy of never-before inventions, right here beyond this link.
  2. Technical Events are: Aerospace, Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Coding, Geotechnical Engineering, Robotics Solar Energy, Mechanical and Designing.
  3. Cultural: The dreamers, the artists and the liberals who maintain the merry spirits of the world; your energy will find a medium, your imagination- its reality, and your talent- a thriving purpose, as PECfest brings to you the events to surpass your own magic. Here you’ll find your fascinating challenges and the rules to go by.
  4. Film Festival: ‘Have you ever thought that this movie could have been better if I had been a part of it somehow – be it acting, shooting or direction!’ Don’t worry! This PECFest, the Projection and Design Club (PDC) of Punjab Engineering College(PEC), gives you the platform to showcase your imagination, creativity and talent in the most prestigious event – ‘PEC FILM FEST’.
  5. Mr. and Ms. PECfest: A hero isn’t just someone who saves the day by flying high in the sky and rescuing people from burning buildings. A hero can also be someone who gives it his all for a selfless act or who works the extra shift to put bread on the table. But let’s face it, who doesn’t love Batman or Catwoman?! So here is your chance to show your talent and your class.
  6. Lectures
  7. Workshops
  8. Shows
Important Dates

The dates of the fest are Oct 26-28, 2018.

For more information and Registration, visit the official site by clicking here.
For updates, visit the Facebook page given here.




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