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Orientation Programme on Migration @ TISS Patna [Dec 15-Feb 14]: Register by Nov 10


We live in the ‘Age of Migration’.  Though migration is an old phenomenon, actively promoted by the Colonial State, it was after the advent of liberalization and integration of markets that migration has accelerated and diversified exponentially. It involves various factors – the state, government, local actors, political economy of new forms of production and labor processes, urbanization, climate change, displacement, violence, citizenship, welfare, gender, identities and processes of formation of subjectivity, rights and entitlements, and so on. Thus, migration has to be understood as a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon, which also requires nuanced understanding of various methods that can be applied in studying it.

In this backdrop, TISS Patna offers an orientation course on migration with the following objectives:

  • Present an overview of various facets of contemporary migration.
  • Facilitate a multi-disciplinary and integrated understanding of labor migration.
  • Analyze the influence of law and policies of the State on migration patterns.
  • Introduce students to theories and empirical research methods in migration studies.


Overall there will be nine modules which are as follows:

  • Main Concepts and Theories of Migration
  • Migration and Emigration in Modern History in South Asian Context
  • Migration and Labor
  • Environment and Migration
  • Migration and Urbanization
  • Gender and Migration
  • Statelessness and Refugee-hood
  • Migration Studies and Its Methodologies
  • Issues of Rights, Welfare and Justice in Migration

Course Fee

The course fee for selected participants both from India as well as SAARC countries is Rs.3000 for the entire duration of the course. This includes the cost of course material and board and lodging during the contact program.

Essential Qualification of Candidates

Candidates should have a master’s degree in any discipline of social sciences and humanities. In case of a practitioner on migrants’ rights, essential qualification can be relaxed but they must have at least three years of work experience.


  • The application form should be sent by mail to: or by post to: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi Public School (Junior wing), Priyadarshi Nagar, West Bailey Road, Patna – 801 503 (Bihar) INDIA.
  • The application MUST be accompanied by a statement of purpose (SOP) in approximately 500 words.
  • The last date of receiving application by mail or post is Nov 10


For any queries, e-mail:

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