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Online Round Table Conference on Cultural Liberalism In University Spaces by Students for Liberty [Nov 28, 6:30 PM]: Register by Nov 27

About the Organisation

Students for Liberty is the largest pro-liberty movement of students in the world with a presence in more than 100 countries and every inhabited continent. Rising above partisan politics, we engage in open and civil discourse over how to best promote freedom in all aspects of our lives. We respect that everyone comes to their justification for liberty in their own way and we are supportive of them in that journey.

About Round Table Conference

Students for Liberty, South Asia is organizing a Round Table Conference on the Topic – Cultural Liberalism In University Spaces, on 28th November , 2020 from 6:30-8 PM IST(+5:30).

Cultural liberalism is all about “breaking cultural norms”, or as American philosopher Henry David Thoreau put it, “march to the beat of a different drummer”. Cultural liberals stress the need for individuals to conform to their own identity however they see fit, regardless of culture or social pressure.

Cultural libertarianism is a term coined by Allum Bokhari which generally defines a broad movement standing in the opposition of what he calls “cultural authoritarianism”, i.e. political correctness, conservative correctness, and various attempts to limit freedom of speech. Come with your questions and join us on 28th November.

How to Register?
  • Interested applicants can register for the conference through this link.
  • Registration is free and compulsory. Participants will be selected based on their application.
  • Certificates will be provided to all the attendees.
Registration Deadline

Nov 27, 2020






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