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Online MDP on Econometrics Analysis of Time Series Data at IIT Kharagpur [Aug 18-21, 2021]: Register by Aug 4

About the MDP

Decision making process in business is normally sustained by the use of quantifiable data. Econometrics is apprehensive with summarizing these relevant data by means of a model. Such econometrics models help to understand the relation between business-related variables and to analyze the promising effects of decisions.

In areas of management, quantitative data are gathered on a regular basis, namely, annually, monthly, quarterly, weekly, daily, or even every split second. We have pool of time series techniques to deal with all such data and help the policy decision.

Data Analysis, an important outlet in mathematical sciences, is very vital today for all specialists, predominantly for policymakers, researchers, engineers, managers and analysts. The world is precisely dynamic today, exclusively with reference to abundance of data and multidisciplinary research. So it is a massive liability on the decision maker to analyze data and take meaningful decisions.

With the availability of various time series econometrics tools and user-friendly statistical software, the ability to analyse large amount of data is not only desirable, but a necessity for any professionals. Such techniques and software are usually very complex and confusing for the uninitiated. There are several issues in this process like selection of technique, selection of software, interpretation of results and so forth.

The objective of this programme is to emphasize broad range of techniques for time series data and to foster multidisciplinary research in these areas. It is largely relevant for studying dynamic changes in the business structure, enterprise efficiency, etc.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Time Series Data
  • Module 2: Time Series Data Visualization
  • Module 3: Linear Time Series Modelling
  • Module 4: Non-Linear Time Series Modelling
  • Module 5: Diagnostic Tests & Model Adjustments
  • Module 6: Advanced Time Series Modelling
Who can attend?

The course is addressed to corporates, executives and academicians only.

Important dates
  • Last date application: August 04, 2021
  • Course date: August 18-21, 2021
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • Foreign Participants: Rs. 25000/-
  • Corporate Professionals: Rs. 10000/-
  • Academicians/ Others: Rs. 8000/-
  • Students (Postgraduate): Rs. 6000/-

Prof. Rudra P. Pradhan
Phone: +91 3222 282316/ 282317
Mobile: +91 9733742104
Email: rudrap[at] & pradhanrp[at]

Online MDP on Econometrics Analysis of Time Series Data at IIT Kharagpur.



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