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Online Internship for the Undergraduate Students at IIT Indore: Applications Open

Applications are invited for Online Internship for the Undergraduate Students at IIT Indore for the year 2022.


IIT Indore is inviting the undergraduate students from various Colleges, Institutes and Universities to pursue online internship under the guidance of a faculty mentor of IIT Indore. The undergraduate students will get an opportunity to interact with the IIT Indore faculty mentor in an online mode. The program is beneficial for students who are doing their under graduation.

Faculty Mentors

A list of faculty mentors (who are willing) from the various departments at IIT Indore will be displayed on our websitealong with the list of faculty mentors/area of online internship. The prospective candidates may select a faculty mentor depending on the match of their interests and of the faculty mentor. 

IIT Indore faculty mentor will interact with the undergraduate students through online mode (except Zoom).

The scope of training and number of contact hours can be decided with mutual consent of faculty mentor of IIT Indore and the undergraduate student depending upon the nature of work.


Minimum one month and maximum one year.

Application & Selection Process

The prospective undergraduate student has to directly interact with the faculty mentor of IIT Indore through email and get the consent for the online internship. After receiving the consent, the undergraduate student can then fill in the application form and pay the fees online.

Consent from faculty mentor from IIT Indore is a must.


INR 2,000 per month.

Click here to view the official notification of Online Internship for the Undergraduate Students at IIT Indore.

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