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Online Course on Introduction to Web Accessibility by World Wide Web Consortium [4 Weeks]: Enroll Now

Registrations are invited for 4 weeks Online Course on Introduction to Web Accessibility by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Online registrations are open.

About the Program

Accessibility is essential for individuals and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and apps – and not exclude people from using their products and services. This course gives you the foundation in accessibility you need to excel in digital professions. It is designed for:

  • developers
  • designers
  • content authors
  • project managers
  • people with disabilities
  • and others

Optional material help you learn more about the topics you are most interested in.

In this course, you will learn about the international standards for web accessibility from the W3C – including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and WAI-ARIA for Accessible Rich Internet Applications – and first steps in applying them.

You will also learn the broad scope of web accessibility, how people with disabilities use different assistive technologies and adaptive strategies, the business benefits of web accessibility, and where to find W3C resources on implementing accessibility.

What you’ll learn?

  • What accessibility means, and how it’s essential for some people and useful for all
  • The scope of web accessibility, and how it applies to a wide range of people and situations
  • The business case, including how accessibility can expand market reach, demonstrate social responsibility, drive innovation, and minimize legal risk
  • The W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and other international standards for accessibility
  • The principles of accessibility: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR)
  • How you can check web pages for some basic accessibility issues and improve accessibility
  • Where to find the right resources for developers and designers to implement accessibility
  • Approaches for planning managing accessibility in your project and in your organization
  • Where to find W3C resources for developers and designers to implement accessibility


This course is based on the open curricula from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Module 1: What is Web Accessibility (2 sections)

  • Introduces the broad scope of digital accessibility through real stories of people with disabilities
  • Examples of how accessibility impacts the lives of interacting in the digital world

Module 2: People and Digital Technology (5 sections)

  • Explores how people with different disabilities use various assistive technologies and adaptive strategies
  • Introduces accessibility barriers and accessibility solutions
  • Explores how design decisions impact interactions
  • Explains the essential components of web accessibility

Module 3: Business Case and Benefits (2 sections)

  • Presents direct and indirect return of investment and the organizational business case
  • Explains the broader benefits for everyone, with or without disability

Module 4: Principles, Standards, and Checks (5 sections)

  • Covers international accessibility standards from W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
  • Explains the guiding principles of web accessibility: Percievable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR)
  • Guides through first steps in checking accessibility and applications

Module 5: Getting Started with Accessibility (2 sections)

  • Explains approaches for integrating accessibility into your design and development processes
  • Provides tips to get started with accessibility right away


4 Weeks (4–5 hours per week).

To enroll in this course, click the below link.

Online Course on Introduction to Web Accessibility

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