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Online Course on Advanced Technology in Materials Engineering by IIT Indore [Jan 19-24]: Register by Jan 16


The Discipline of Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore is organizing an Online Course on Advanced Technology in Materials Engineering from January 19 to 24, 2021.
Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IIT Indore or IITI), located in Madhya Pradesh, is one of the Institutes of Technology established by the Government of India in 2009. It is one of the eight new Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act, 2011 which declares eight new IITs as well as the conversion of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University to IIT.

Course Objectives
  1. To provide the participants with a working knowledge of semiconductors, electronics, materials science, Li-ion battery, energy storage technology, microstructure-property relations, and atomistic modeling of nanostructures.
  2. To provide the participants with the mathematical tools needed for quantitative characterization of microstructure and calculation of effective properties.
  3. To provide the participants with a working knowledge of the various tools and techniques needed to characterize and design heterogeneous materials using both micromechanics and nano-mechanics techniques.
  4. To introduce the participants to practical problems of micromechanics and nano-mechanics, and their solutions, through case studies and live projects.
Course Content
  • Introduction to Semiconductors, Physics of Semiconductors, Electronics;
  • Materials Physics and Materials Science, Soft materials, Energy Materials, Li-ion Battery Technology, H2-storage Technology, Corrosion Engineering, Computer Simulations at Different Time Scales, Multiscale Aspects of Materials, Creating New Materials, Thermodynamics of Materials Engineering, Principles of Engineering Practice, Introduction to Porous Semiconductor materials, Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering, Solar Cell, Transistors, Introduction to Phase-Field Method and Its Formalisms, some examples related to microstructure evolution, Fundamentals of equations of elasticity;
  • Basics of the solid continuum: kinematics of deformation, the kinetics of solid continuum and material symmetry;
  • Fundamentals of weak formulations; Fundamentals of micro-macro concepts: Average strain and stress theorems, the Hill-Reuss-Voigt bounds, classical micro-macro mechanical approximations, and micro geometrical manufacturing idealizations;
  • Aim of micromechanics;
  • Homogenization.
Who can Attend?

All teachers of degree level technical/ engineering Colleges/ Institutions/ Universities are eligible to attend this course and For other participants from any Inst/ Organization: UG in Science/ Engineering Degree with basic training on computer systems.

Registration Fees
  1. No fee for faculty participants from AICTE approved Colleges/ Institutes/ Universities.
  2. The fee is ₹ 2500 for teachers and non-teachers from other government organizations.
  3. The fee is ₹ 5000 for participants from private organizations.

Interested candidates can submit the registration fee by clicking here.


To register for the course, click here. The last date to register is January 16, 2021.


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Online Course on Advanced Technology in Materials Engineering by IIT Indore



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