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Online Course on Advanced Permanent Magnet Machine-drive Technologies for Transport Electrification & Renewable Energy by NIT Silchar [Dec 14-18]: Registrations Open

About the Course

To mitigate the climate change issues, sustainable industrial development will be essential. Since nearly half of the generated electrical energy of the world is consumed by the industrial motordrive systems, improved performance and efficiency of these systems are paramount.

In addition, the newly proposed transport electrification and renewable energy systems for the sustainable development also demands high performing electrical machines and drives. The permanent magnet (PM) machine is the most efficient high performing among all existing electric machines. Hence, the PM machine is the preferred choice for many high-performance industrial drives, electric vehicle, all-electric aircrafts, drones, flywheel energy storage, generators for renewable energy such as wind and wave.

It will be highly beneficial for current and future engineering graduates to understand the fundamentals of the permanent magnet machines and drive systems, as it is the future technology of choice. The course will begin with the basic working principle and finish with the most recent advancements.

The course materials will be tailored in a way that it will be suitable to both beginners and professionals. The course will aim to provide full comprehensive knowledge about PM machine and drive technology to the attendees.


The primary objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Expose participants to the fundamentals of PM machines and drive technology,
  • Build in confidence and capability amongst the participants in the industrial adoption of PM machine and drives technology and provide guidance for troubleshooting in design and control of PM machine drive systems.
  • Provide exposure to practical problems and their solutions, through case studies in design and control of PM machines,
  • Enhance the capability of the participants to in design and control of PM machines applicable to emerging technologies.
  • Introduction to fundamentals of three-phase electric machines, permanent magnet materials, types of permanent magnet machines and their working principles.
  • Geomatrical definations and dimensions for analytical design model, analysis of electromagnetic performances
  • Design methods – analytical modeling
  • Design methods –finite element analysis based
  • Design challenges for emerging applications such as electric vehicle, wind energy conversion.
  • Introduction to design optimization methods
  • dq theory, dq-model of PM machine, fundamentals of a PM machine drive system,
  • Introduction to field oriented control (FOC).
  • Recent advances in PM machine designs and future challenges
Who can participate?
  • Interested graduate students, research scientists and industry professionals working in the energy industry.
  • Some undergraduate students with prior exposure to at least one of the courses on “Power systems”, “Power electronics”, “Electrical machines”, “Renewable energy”.
  • Researchers in the fields of Electrical engineering, Electrical and electronics engineering.
  • The teachers/professors in the fields of Electrical engineering.
  • Student or faculty from academic institution interested in exposure to recent research developments in the power systems, power electronics, electrical machines, wind energy conversion system, electric vehicles, or non-conventional energy generation.
  • Participant from abroad USD 500
    Industry research organization INR 10000
  • For Academic Institutions
    Faculty: INR 5000
    External Students: INR 1000
    Internal PG & PhD Students: INR 1000
    Internal UG Students: Nil
  • First, ‘web register’ at GIAN ‘Courses Registration Portal’: by paying requisite fees. If you’re already registered, skip this step.
  • Then, log in, click ‘Course Registration’ tab on the GIAN Portal, and ‘check box’ to select this course (# 191031D01) “Advanced Permanent Magnet Machine-drive Technologies for Transport Electrification and Renewable Energy” from the list. Click ‘save’ to register, and ‘Confirm Course(s)’ to confirm.
  • Now, pay the requisite Course Fee online in favour of the Director, NIT Silchar, India, Bank Account No: 10521277057, IFSC Code: SBIN0007061, MICR Code: 788002004..You’ll need this during the next step. Also, please retain the receipt for onspot submission.
  • Next, fill out the form given below, sign it. Send the scan copy of the filled-in form with scanned copy of course fee transaction slip to the course coordinator e-mail address (lcsaikia[at], or lcsaikia[at] ). This is for the Course Coordinator’s record. Now, await the Course Coordinator’s confirmation.
  • Next, fill out the form here and click ‘submit’. This is for the Course Coordinator’s record. Now, await the Course Coordinator’s confirmation.

Online Course on Advanced Permanent Magnet Machine-drive Technologies.




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