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Online Course on Academic Writing Using LATEX by SVNIT, Surat [Jan 4-8]: Register by Dec 25

About the Course

This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive theoretical and hands on practice with LaTeX for preparing research articles, thesis writing and oral presentation. It will be useful for beginners and also who are using it on a regular basis.

What is LATEX?

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system which is widely used for document preparation in academics. Though it was invented for writing mathematics “beautifully” during 1985, nowadays, LaTeX is used not only to write documents in mathematics but also physics, computer science, engineering, economics, psychology, social and political sciences.

LaTex is preferably used for technical/scientific papers writing for journals by researchers, engineers and mathematicians at large. Over a period, LaTeX has evolved, and now it can draw complicated molecules in organic chemistry, list bibliography in various ways at the stroke of a feather. In contrast to Microsoft Word, LaTeX can handle large documents very easily.

Course Content
  • Introduction to LaTeX, Writing applications, Classes and Packages (Enumerate, Itemize, AMS Packages), Texts Formatting, Page Layout and Style.
  • Mathematical environment, different formats for equations.
  • Handling of Tables, Figures in LaTex documents.
  • Famous LaTeX packages like Chemfig command, TikZ Package etc.
  • Technical References/ Bibliography database collection and citation using Jabref.
  • Demonstration of different Journals (AMS, Elsevier, Springer etc.) and conference (IEEE, Springer, etc.) formats.
  • Thesis Writing: Organization of Chapters, Use of TikZ for flowchart, Appendices, Conversion of MATLAB Codes in LaTeX, Book style, Table of Contents, List of figures, List of Tables, Index.
  • Presentation using Beamer.

The training program is open to engineering college and polytechnic teachers, research scholars, PG students (M. Sc. And M. Tech) and Industry personnel.

  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.
  • Last Date of Registration: 25th December 2020
  • Registration Fee
    UG/PG/Ph.D. Scholars: 300/-
    Faculty: 600/-
    Industry Delegates: 5000/-

Dr. Indira P. Debnath/ Dr. Shailesh K. Srivastava,
Email: ipd[at], shailesh[at]
Contact : 9760197682, 9902129393.

Online Course on Academic Writing Using LATEX by SVNIT, Surat.




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