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Online Certification Program on Business Analytics & Data Mining by ISI Kolkata [Dec 4-Feb 7]: Register by Nov 30


The SQC & OR Unit, Mumbai, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata is organizing an Online Certification Program on Business Analytics & Data Mining from December 2020 to February 2021.

The Indian Statistical Institute is a quasi central organization under the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation. It is declared by an Act of Parliament as an Institute of National Importance. Over the years the Institute has grown as a multidisciplinary organization. It functions as a University empowered to award degrees up to Ph.D.; as a Corporation in undertaking large-scale projects; as a Firm of Consultants to industries to improve Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency and as a meeting place.

Course Objectives

This program is designed to guide business analytics/ data mining professionals in extracting implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful knowledge from large data sets, developing performance models & usage optimization techniques.

The participants will acquire the knowledge on, various statistical and analytical techniques required for business analytics and data mining. All the topics will be covered using R-studio and MS-Excel.

Course Content

The course is divided into 5 modules as follows:

Module-1: Introduction, Basic Concepts, and EDA

  • Introduction to Analytics and concepts of statistical/ machine learning/ analytics problems.
  • Introduction to random experiments and random variables.
  • Descriptive Statistics and Graphs & Charts for data visualization.
  • Sampling Concept and Methods.
  • Probability and Distributions, understanding normal distribution, a brief introduction to some useful distributions, probability computations.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Introduction to R programming (writing R codes for data manipulation and simple graphics as well as basic statistical computations) with hands-on exercises.

Module-2: Hypothesis Testing and Prediction Modelling-1

  • Estimation and hypothesis Testing
  • Estimation of parameters like means, variances, proportions, and model parameters in different circumstances and their usages in analytics;
  • Formulating hypotheses in real-life scenarios
  • Test for means, variances, proportions, odds ratios, and relative risks
  • Correlation and Regression, Scatter plot, Mean Plot, and Scatter plot smoothing
  • Concepts of cross-validation – usage of the validation set, LOOCV, k fold cross-validation, and concepts of bootstrap.
  • Multiple linear regressions, Stepwise and Best Subset Regression, Model selection criteria (AIC, BIC, etc.)

Module-3: Prediction Modeling -2

  • Multiple Linear Regression – polynomial and basis function expansion; Ridre and Poison Regression
  • Logistic regression; Assessment of classification model using ROC, AUC
  • Introduction to censored data, Survival analysis models
  • Nonparametric estimation of survival probability using the Kaplan – Meier method
  • Classification and Regression Tree including concepts of bagging, random forests and boosting, fitting, and validating tree-based models

Module-4: Forecasting and Segmentation

  • Forecasting Models exponential smoothing (Holt and winters model) and ARIMA.
  • Cluster analysis, hierarchical and non-hierarchical cluster
  • Factor Analysis
  • Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
  • Support Vector Analysis and K-nearest neighbor

Module-5: Neural Network and Deep Learning

  • Association rule mining (Market Basket) analyses
  • Artificial Neural Network and introduction to deep learning
  • Bayesian Methodology – Naïve Bayes classifier; Monto Carlo Markov Chain (MCMC), Bayesian regression trees
  • NLP and text mining
Who can Attend?

Managers/ Executives/ Professionals/ Students associated with data analysis or planning to make a career in Analytics Should be a graduate in any discipline. [Note: The participants should have a basic understanding of calculus, matrices, and linear algebra. Attending the program without this background is possible, but likely to be more challenging.]

  1. December 04-06: Module – 1 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  2. December 18-20: Module – 2 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  3. January 8-10: Module – 3 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  4. January 22-24: Module – 4 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  5. February 5 – 7: Module – 5 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
Registration Fees
  • INR 60000/- per participant + 18% GST (INR 70800/-) for corporate/ sponsored persons.
  • INR 50000 per participant + 18% GST (INR 59000/-) for students and individual participants.
  • US$ 1000 for overseas participants (inclusive of course material).
How to Apply?

To download the application form, click here.

Please e-mail the form to or send to Program Director, SQC & OR Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Room No,320, 3rd Floor, Old CGO Bldg,101, Maharshi Karve Road, Mumbai 400 020.


Phone Number: 022 – 22014588/ 22004574


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Online Certification Program on Business Analytics & Data Mining by ISI Kolkata




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