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O Ri Duniya- 8-Week Long Online Gathering to Build Environmental Understanding Via Films [Oct 17- Dec 5]: Register by Oct 15

Empathy Connects is pleased to invite you to the 4th edition of “O Ri Duniya” program, an 8-week long online gathering for curated conversations to understand our world – how it was, has been and can be!

The program aims to build the environment and ecological understanding through questions such as how we all landed up here, what have we done to ourselves and the planet, how have we been using our knowledge and wisdom, where did we go wrong! And then ultimately, what can we learn from this and what can be a way forward.

About the Program

The core intention of the program is to create a shared journey, as a collective of our reflections and understanding of some critical environmental issues using films as a tool and thereby, paying attention to the world within and connecting it to the world outside. The idea is to first find connections between our actions and thoughts at an individual level and a species level.

Second, to raise questions at both personal and systems level. For instance, where does the food that I eat and water that l drink come from? Are there people who died in the process of me having my cup of coffee? Why are some able to have water for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment while many don’t have access to even clean drinking water? What happens to my stuff when I stop using it or discard it?

Third, to see what is my share of responsibility and steps I can take to change the current way of being. Fourth, create a community of concerned and informed people who are willing to work with the issues at hand.

The Program Process

The invitation on the table through this 8 week long program is to engage with the topics by:

  • Watching films that give an insight into the issues at hand – we will share with you a film every week.
  • Write the observations, questions and evocations in a reflective journal.
  • Followed by an online dialogue every week where all of us will gather to share our reflections and listen to each other’s reflections based on a rigorous, thought provoking process laid out by the Facilitator on a zoom call.
  • Interested candidates for the program can register via this page.
  • Contribution per participant is ₹2500/- for the whole program.
  • Last date of registration is 15 Oct 2020.
  • Seats are limited to 20.
  • Limited scholarships available on a case-to-case basis
Who should apply?

This introductory program is specifically for those who are interested in (either one or all of the below):

  • objectively identifying social and environmental problems around.
  • understanding the problem in depth along with substantial self reflection.
  • investigating the current reasons for ecological imbalance because of a dilapidated and an unfavorable system.
  • exploring the existing and aspirational alternatives to  the current lifestyle, the one that is not ecologically sustainable.
  • The mode of watching films and discussion is online, so the participants would require a stable internet connection.
  • Commitment 6-7 hours a week for watching film and participating in the online discussion with reflections.
  • Curiosity and an open mind to explore perspectives beyond one’s current understanding.
Program Details
  • Every Saturday: 6:00 PM -9:00 PM (17th October to 5th December, 2020)
  • Venue: Zoom Meetings
  • Duration of the online sessions will be 3 hours from 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM on a zoom call.
About Empathy Connects

Empathy Connects is founded by TISS Alumni. It is an initiative of Tathaastu Social Initiatives and mentored by social leaders, entrepreneurs and professors from TISS, IIMs and IITs. We identify and partner with organizations and social enterprises with sustainable impact at grassroots.

Our mission is to create informed citizens with an experience of grassroots realities. Motivated individuals are connected with these movements through travel, internship and cultural immersion programs. To achieve the goal we focus on making these travel programs and ground learning workshops an integral part of curriculum of education institutes.


Jeewika Bhat
Email: jeewika.bhat[at]
Call: 9990922350.

Register here for Empathy Connects- O Ri Duniya Online Gathering

For more details about the programme, click here.


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