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NEEV: Annual Corporate and Cultural Festival by Symbiosis Pune [Jan 7-9]: Register Now!

Symbiosis Pune is organizing NEEV: Annual corporate and cultural festival from January 7 to 9, 2022.

About NEEV

NEEV, the annual corporate and cultural festival of SCMHRD, is India’s 3rd largest B-school festival. Now in its 28th year, NEEV attracts over 15,000 attendees from over 40 colleges across the country. With a mélange of business games and informal events, the 3-day festival embodies a profound experience of emotion and intellect.

NEEV has been associated with celebrities like Ragini Tondon, Shirley Setia, Kanika Kapoor, and Nikhil D’Souza, prominent music idols like Mohammed Irfan and Ritiviz. Over the years, prominent business visionaries such as Aditya Ghosh, Kumar Birla, and Harsha Bhogle have honoured us with their presence.

NEEV has also been proudly associated with brands like BNY Mellon, RealMe, Vh1 Supersonic, Pepsi, and Mother Dairy, to name a few.

The theme launch in October represented the idea of ‘Convergence,’ which believes in the power of confluence of ideas and visions.

Ms. Bhumika Chawla, veteran actress, recognised for her iconic roles in different films and web series, and comedian Mr. Sumit Sourav, known for his unique style of clever humour, graced the occasion. The night concluded in a spectacular fashion with the scintillating performance of the music band ‘Last Minute India’.

NEEV is an unique mix of over 30 events, including collaborations with prominent business organizations and distinguished experts from many industries.

NEEV 2020 is gearing up to host an exciting series of business games and cultural events. The formal events set up a series of demanding rounds to test managerial mettle and business knowledge in marketing, HR, operations, business analysis, and finance.

Augustus, NEEV’s signature event, is a nationwide quest for the best student manager. It pits the best minds across the country against each other, as they try to solve unique case studies and deft business simulations with creative ideas and insightful answers. The winner takes home one of the highest cash prizes that any B-school offers.


NEEV invites you to be a part of the extravaganza from January 7 to 9, as we celebrate a myriad of exciting events. Experience an amalgamation of business intellect and cultural flair as you compete with the brightest minds and the most talented performers across the country.

Revel in our glorious nights with a breakthrough line-up of artists. Join us for a sensational experience!

Series of Events

  • SyncHRonize: Sharpen your intellect with rigorous rounds that put your HR abilities to the test!
  • Kotler Kaun: Put your marketing acumen to the test by figuring out what customers desire!Moneypoly: Test your expertise in the realm of Finance!
  • Moneypoly: Test your expertise in the realm of Finance!
  • Operatio: Delve into the enriching world of Supply Chain and Logistics to achieve maximum operational efficiency!
  • Cipher: Dive into the world of numbers and data in this thrilling game designed to challenge your analytical skills!
  • Gridlines: Create the perfect blueprint and build the optimum solution to win the war of Infrastructure!
  • Augustus: The hunt for the best student manager in the country!
NEEV by Symbiosis Pune [Jan 7-9]: Register Now!

How to Register?

To register for any of these events, click here.

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