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The National Centre for Mathematic’s Advanced Training Programmes in Mathematics [Multiple Programs in 2017]

The National Centre for Mathematics is a  joint centre of IIT Bombay and TIFR, Mumbai and is offering various advanced training courses in Mathematics at various centres across India.

The courses and the target audiences are as follows.

  • AFS I, II, III (Annual foundation schools) : I year Ph. D. students
  • AIS (Advanced instructional schools): II-V year Ph. D. students
  • NCMW (NCM Workshops): Researchers
  • IST(Instructional Schools for Teachers): College and university lecturers
  • TEW(Teacher’s Enrichment Workshops): College teachers

The various courses are happening in different locations like: ISI Kolkata, IISER Pune, IIT Bombay, IIMSc, Chennai, IIT Patna, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, North Eastern Hill University Shillong

For more information on these courses and the dates, please visit this link here.


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