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Naropa Fellowship 2022 [Support Amount Rs. 10 L]: Applications Open

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the one-year Naropa Fellowship 2022.

About Naropa Fellowship

The Naropa Fellowship is a one-year, fully-residential, post-graduate, academic programme focused on creating and nurturing agents of change who will work towards fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and growth while preserving the cultural heritage of Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

The driving purpose behind the Naropa Fellowship is the urgent need to not only retain local talent, but also develop entrepreneurial skills that can help foster a robust socio- economic environment in Ladakh and the Himalayan region.

Additionally, there is also a need to educate the younger generation regarding the importance of maintaining their distinctive culture and heritage. The Fellowship is thus designed to address the rising challenges of unemployment, lack of training and professional skills, and the gradual cultural erosion in Ladakhi and other Himalayan societies.

The residential campus for the Naropa Fellowship Programme is located at Hemis, Ladakh. It is a well-equipped, secure living space that is provided to the Fellows on a triple-sharing basis, equipped with solar-powered centralised heating and geysers, with meals provided three times a day.


The Fellowship is open to students and working professionals from all fields, with a preference for those from Ladakh and the Himalayan regions across India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Students and working professionals from elsewhere, interested in ecological issues, cultural preservation, entrepreneurship, and tourism are also eligible.

The eligibility criteria for the Naropa Fellowship are:

  • A recognised undergraduate or post-graduate degree in any discipline
  • A strong academic record and extra-curricular engagement
  • A demonstrable sense of purpose and commitment towards working for the development of Ladakh and the Himalayan region


  • In order to ensure that the programme is accessible and affordable for students from all walks of life. In recognition of their future potential, the Naropa Fellowship awards scholarships of up to INR 10 Lakhs based on need and merit. 
  • Each academic year, full and partial scholarships cover tuition, boarding and lodging fees. 

Partial scholarships are given in the following brackets: 

  • 50-60% Scholarship
  • 60-70% Scholarship 
  • 70-80% Scholarship 
  • 80-90% Scholarship

How to Apply?

There are two ways through which you can apply to the Fellowship:

ONLINE (through the website)

  • Register on the website
  • Sign in and complete the application form
  • If shortlisted, appear for an interview with Team Naropa

OFFLINE (via post)

  • Download and print the PDF version of the application form
  • Fill out the application form manually and mail it to the address provided at the end
  • If shortlisted, appear for an interview with the Team Naropa



Click here to view the official notification for the Naropa Fellowship 2022.


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