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MicroMasters Program in Writing for Performance and the Entertainment Industries by University of Cambridge [Online, 9 Months]: Enroll Now

University of Cambridge invites registrations for 9 months Online MicroMasters Program in Writing for Performance and the Entertainment Industries.

About the Course

Writing for stage, screen, you-tube and digital platforms, video games, performance poetry, stand-up comedy, installation and performance art, has never been more popular. The golden age of television has diversified to become the golden age of streaming, with Netflix and Amazon creating exceptional opportunities for new writers to enter the industry.

The MicroMasters® in Writing for Performance and the Entertainment Industries offers both an experimental and industry-relevant opportunity to hone your skills as a dramatist or performance artist across many genres, as well as preparing you practically for engaging successfully with the film/TV /theatre/digital media and industries.

You will receive world-class teaching from academics from the University of Cambridge as well as expert advice from writers and directors who have navigated highly successful careers. We will delve into themes across all performance genres, including: dialogue, narrative structure/story-telling, and character psychology. You will learn how to write outlines and story-bibles, how to pitch an idea to a producer, and how to present your work to the industry of your choice.

What you will learn?

  • Specialised knowledge of histories, forms, and traditions of writing for performance and entertainment as well as the cultural contexts of innovative practitioners and practices within performance and entertainment.
  • A detailed understanding of key performance/entertainment components within the discipline, to include: ideational sources, body, space, image, sound, text, movement, environment
  • How to create effective structure within a scene, how to edit your scene, and think like a dramaturg/script editor; how to create effective character
  • Advanced awareness of the relevant market and distribution demands of entertainment industries
  • Developed advanced self-management skills to include working in planned and improvisatory ways, as well as the ability to anticipate and accommodate change, ambiguity, creative risk-taking, uncertainty and unfamiliarity


  • Finding your voice as a playwright
  • Writing successfully for the Stage
  • Building your Screenplay
  • Business Success in the Screen Industries
  • Digital Platforms in Performance
  • Reconceiving Space: Installation and Performance Art
  • Stand Up!; Comedy Writing and Performance Poetry
  • Capstone: Bringing it all together
  • Certificate & Credit Pathways


₹113,368, For the full program experience.

To enroll for this course, click the link below.

MicroMasters Program in Writing for Performance and the Entertainment Industries

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  1. What will be the timetable and duration of classes for this course? Is this a part time/ weekend/ full-time course? Any age limit for the course ?