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MicroMasters Program in Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods by Georgia Tech [1 Year, Online]: Enroll Now!

About the program

Gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the essential fundamentals of analytics, including analysis methods, analytical tools, such as R, Python and SQL, and business applications.
Using common analytics software and tools, statistical and machine learning methods, and data-intensive computing and visualization techniques, learners will gain the experience necessary to integrate all of these parts for maximum impact.
Project experience is also included as part of the MicroMasters program. Through these projects, learners will hone their skills with data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization tools, as well as gain instincts for how and when each tool should be used.
These projects provide hands-on experience with real-world business applications of analytics and a deeper understanding of how to apply analytics skills to make the biggest difference.

What you will learn?

  • Use essential analytics tools like R, Python, SQL, and more.
  • Understand fundamental models and methods of analytics, and how and when to apply them.
  • Learn to build a data analysis pipeline, from collection and storage through analysis and interactive visualization.
  • Apply your new analytics skills in a business context to maximize your impact.


  • Frederic Bien Lecturer The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Joel Sokol Professor and Director of the Master of Science in Analytics Program (On campus and Online) The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Richard (Rich) Vuduc Professor of Computational Science and Engineering The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Charles Turnitsa Professor The Georgia Institute of Technology


₹197,455, For the full program experience.
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MicroMasters Program in Analytics

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