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Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate [Online; 8 months]: Enroll Today!

Launch your career as a back-end developer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. No degree or prior experience required to get started.

About the Course

This 10-course program, designed by the software engineering experts at Meta, will prepare you for an entry-level career as a back-end developer. 

On completion, you’ll get exclusive access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board—a job search platform that connects you with 200+ employers who have committed to sourcing talent through Meta’s certificate programs, as well as career support resources to help you with your job search.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Python Syntax—the most popular choice for machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence.
  • In-demand programming skills and how to confidently use code to solve problems. 
  • Linux commands and Git repositories to implement version control.
  • The world of data storage and databases using MySQL, and how to craft sophisticated SQL queries. 
  • Django web framework and how the front-end consumes data from the REST APIs. 
  • How to prepare for technical interviews for back-end developer roles.

You’ll be able use these skills to create a Django web app using industry-standard tools. By the end, you’ll create a simple web app, following best practices, and build a job-ready portfolio to showcase during job interviews.  

The launch date, program content, and course titles are subject to change. You’ll be notified if the date changes. You will not be charged until the program opens and the free trial period ends.

There are 10 Courses in this Professional Certificate

  • Introduction to Back-End Development
  • Programming in Python
  • Version Control
  • Databases
  • Django Web Framework
  • APIs
  • The Full Stack
  • Cloud Computing
  • Back-End Developer Capstone
  • Coding Interview Preparation

Click here to enroll for the Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate.

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