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MDP on Strategic Decision Making Through Strategy Simulation at IIM Visakhapatnam [Jan 7-9, 2020]: Register by Jan 3, 2020

About the Programme

This program challenges you and your employees to develop business skills and knowledge in a risk-free competitive environment with the Capsim web-based simulation. The simulation will be played as a team of same company professionals or as a cross-company team of professionals. This interactive online experience provides an opportunity to bring business theory to life, build a strategic perspective, and see first-hand the cross-functional impacts of business decisions. Research shows people learn best by doing. This simulation-based program shapes future leaders through the first-hand experience of running a business as an executive in a simulated company.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • develop critical collaboration skills.
  • define each team member’s responsibilities
  • establish a strategy and align decisions across departments.
  • observe how decisions affect the entire organization.
  • compete in a fast-paced environment that mimics real-world demands.
  • interpret financial statements and market analysis to make data-based decisions.
  • learn from expert coaching sessions.
  • simplify processes in a complex environment.
  • present to the entire group.
Program Objectives

Over one million participants in Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions around the world have enhanced their business acumen, team building and critical thinking skills through this engaging simulation.

This program will help participants working together in teams to:

  • develop and execute a strategy.
  • formulate decisions in R&D, marketing, production, finance, and TQM that support the team’s strategy.
  • understand the cross-functional impacts of decisions and their effect on the company’s bottom line.
  • utilize market segment analysis reports to identify customers’ needs to strengthen decisions and outperform the competition.
Learning Outcomes

The participants, at the end of the course, are expected to meet the following learning goals:

  • business acumen
  • team-based decision making
  • finance for non-finance managers
  • leadership development
  • strategic decision making
Who can Participate?

This program is aimed at

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private sector executives
  • Senior managers from public sector enterprises
  • Independent consultants working for government, corporations, think-tanks
  • Anyone with an interest in Strategic Management
Programme Fee

Rs. 45000+GST (Residential), Rs. 36000+GST (Non-Residential).

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the programme through this link.


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