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Workshop on Calculus The Geometrical Way @ Miranda House, Delhi [Sep 19-20]: Register by Aug 31

About Miranda House

MH has a rich legacy. Established at dawn of independence it provided a unique opportunity to young women for quality higher education. They set for themselves high goals and ideals. They worked for a new society in which women would enjoy the equal opportunity with men in professional and public fields.
In this, they were abetted by the founding faculty who were independent-minded and belonged to the select group of highly educated women in independent India with a deep concern for the quality of education they imparted.

Workshop objective
  • Inculcate knowledge and understanding of key concepts, principles and theorems in calculus with emphasis on geometrical perspective, advancing from one multivariable discussion.
  • Enable students to understand and visualise key concepts geometrically.
  • Enable students to apply knowledge to solve specific theoretically and applied problems in mathematics.
Who all can register?

Miranda House (Dept of Mathematics) invites Undergraduate students, teachers as well as research scholars for the workshop.

Registration details

Willing candidates can register for the workshop on or before the last date i.e 31 August 2019. One has to pay a registration fee of Rs. 500 (Cash or NEFT) for the same. The duly filled registration has to be submitted to the Department of Mathematics or email


Dr Meetu Bhatia Grover: 9811279551
Dr Jyoti Talwar: 9540325402

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