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Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate Course [Online; 4 months]: Enroll Today!

Intuit, a global technology platform is offering an online 4-months Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate.

About Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate

The Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate prepares you for a variety of jobs in public accounting, private industry, government, and non-profit organizations—and for the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam.

If you are detail-oriented and passionate about solving clients’ problems, this program is for you. You’ll gain a foundational understanding of accounting principles and an introduction to QuickBooks Online through hands-on practice working with real-world accounting scenarios.

Upon completion, you’ll be ready to take the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam. With this certification, you will be qualified to apply for a position as a bookkeeper at Intuit QuickBooks Live or anywhere in the field.

What you will learn?

  • Build a foundation of basic bookkeeping concepts and accounting measurement.
  • Learn how to work through the various phases of the accounting cycle to produce key financial statements.
  • Practice interpreting and analyzing financial statements to make key business decisions.
  • Define accounting and the concepts of accounting measurement.

There are 4 Courses in this Professional Certificate

  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • Assets in Accounting
  • Liabilities and Equity in Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Click here to enroll for the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate Course.

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