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Internship Opportunity @ Oxford University Press [Noida, Stipend Available]: Apply by Nov 12


The Academic Division of Oxford University Press (OUP) India is offering paid internships in their Noida office across its seven main functional areas: Commissioning, Editorial, Marketing, Sales, Demand Planning, Design, and Production. The internship programme spans 8 weeks during the summer months.

A well-rounded academic background with coursework in social sciences, humanities, management, commerce, or sciences (including medicine) is recommended.

Main Functional Areas:

  1. Commissioning: The Commissioning team is responsible for building up a publisher’s list for specific genres. The commissioning editors are the key link between the initial proposal for a book submitted by a prospective author or product and the published work, including post-publication sales, marketing, and author management.

Internship period: 6 May to 28 June 2019.

  1. Editorial: One can never overemphasize the importance of Editorial in the publishing industry. It is the editors who sieve through the text, lay it out, and bring it to life for the readers.

Internship period: 6 May to 28 June 2019.

  1. Production: Production is one of the core functions of a publishing house in which we are responsible for multiple tasks, starting from typesetting of a manuscript to its final publication. The team is responsible for converting a manuscript to a book.

Internship period: 2 April to 24 May 2019.

  1. Marketing: The Marketing team creates innovative marketing strategies to engage audiences with the firm’s products. The ability to prioritize and adjust to varying workloads is important, as well as adaptability and flexibility.

Internship period: 2 April to 24 May 2019.

  1. Design: One of the most exciting aspects of a book’s publication is the design of its cover. The Design team is responsible for making the cover eye-catching; it helps to grab the reader’s attention.

Internship period: 6 May to 28 June 2019

  1. Sales: The Sales team works on the sales and product-collection budgets through year-round product and customer promotions and customer-focused management of the territories across India.

Internship period: 2 April to 24 May 2019

  1. Demand Planning: The internship programme will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of demand management and planning, process flows, and roles/responsibilities and accountabilities, which include product classification, data analysis, demand forecasting, inventory planning, and order planning.

Internship period: 2 April to 24 May 2019.

The application and selection process has three stages:

How to Apply?

Please email the following documents to latest by 12 November 2018.

  • Your CV.
  • A covering letter explaining why you are interested in an internship at OUP and the functional area in which you are interested. Applications not indicating the functional area will not be considered.


Phone: +91 (0120) 4512448.

For further details on the same, click here.



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