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Innervne 2020- Find the Vaccine Game by IGDTUW, New Delhi [Nov 7]: Register Now

About the Game

The pandemic has affected most of the human population. Looking into this, the government decided to send a team of talented doctors to the most affected parts of the world and you are one of them.

You will be assigned a country where almost 50% of the population is already infected. You are supposed to utilize your skills to solve the questions given, in order to unlock the vaccine injections to cure them. Your target is to cut the percentage of infected people as much as possible and save the country, one region at a time. After you successfully solve the question for a region, your region will become uninfected and will turn green.

But this virus is highly contagious and spreads through various modes. Hence you will have to solve the question in the given time otherwise your region might even turn into a red alert zone. But don’t worry, you will be given an option to call our special forces for your help with a bonus question that will help you cut off your infected population and remove the red alert.

Date: 7 Nov 2020

Start time: 2 PM


All students from schools and colleges can participate.


Interested and eligible candidates can register via this page.


Prize: Rs.60,000


Email: findthevaccine.innerve[at]

Innervne 2020- Find the Vaccine Game by IGDTUW, New Delhi.




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