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AMALTHEA’18: Annual Technical Summit of IIT Gandhinagar [Oct 20-21]: Registrations Open

Amalthea ‘18

Celebrating its 9th year, Amalthea, the Annual Technical Summit of IIT Gandhinagar is back with full zest and vigour. Driven by the epigram ‘Prosperity through Technology’, the summit continues its tradition of spreading technical knowledge and imbuing enthusiasm and curiosity technology. It will be held on 20th and 21st of October this year.

Amalthea is the only tech-summit of the country which is completely student run. In the years gone by, Amalthea has brought great people Shri Narendra Modi, R. Chidambaram, Alan Emtage, Mr A.P. Hota, Dr Matthew Schneps who addressed the Conclave at Amalthea.Technology tycoons and like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Audi and many big and prestigious organizations like ISRO, Oculus, Novabeans, L&T have been a part the summit.

With the theme “Integrating Technologies”,  the aim is to focus on exploring the endless possibilities that could be realised through a combination of numerous advancements across various fields of science and technology with a vision to bring about revolutionary changes.

Event Theme: Integrating Technologies


Activities to test the technical skills and acumen of high school kids, college students and enthusiasts. Some of the events this year are:

  • Drone Racing(DRA)
  • Robo Venture (Combat Robotics and RC Racing)
  • InQuizzed (Quizzing)
  • TechArts
  • DCode
  • Electronica
  • Icon
  • Seismism
  • TechKnowQuest
  • Coin-A-Thon
  • Brainwiz

The exhibition at Amalthea this year promises to be more engaging, with more interactive, hands-on demonstrations to excite crowds. Some exhibits are:

  1. Proxbotics: Will exhibit humanos waiter robot, bipedal robot and chocolate 3d printer.
  2. Sudaksh Technologies: Will exhibit its drones.
  3. Kasperob: Will exhibit gesture controlled robots, humanoid robots for kids and bionic bird.
  4. Cubic Desk: Will exhibit their 3D printers.
  5. KHS Machinery: Catalogue stall explaining the process of filing and packaging that is undertaken in the industry.
  6. iValue: Will exhibit their augmented reality and virtual reality technology linked with Apple devices .

A structured discourse on a specific topic between industry and academic experts of relevant fields. The topic for the Symposium this year shall be ‘Advancing Solar Power Generation’.

The speakers for Symposium this year are:

  1. Mr. Pranav Mehta: Chairman, National Solar Federation of India
  2. Mr. Jaideep Malaviya: Secretary-general, Solar Thermal Federation of India
  3. Mr. Subrahmanyam Pulipaka: Founder and CEO of Soreva Energy Group
  4. Dr. Sameer Patwardhan: CTO, PC Technologies

Save your dates for Amalthea ’18  and take part in the biggest and most exciting Summit of West India.


A series of public talks on diversifying fields like technology,management, Design etc  over both of the days. Some of the speakers addressing the Conclave this year are mentioned in the  guests.

Amalthea 18 Guests:
  1. Mr. Kush Saxena: CTO,Mastercard
  2. Dr. J.N.Goswami: Moon Man of India, Chief Scientist of Chandrayaan-I Mission
  3. Dr. Alok Nath De: Corporate Vice President and CTO of Samsung R&D India
  4. Mr. S.Sivakumar: Head of Industrial Design, Royal Enfield
  5. Mr Trishneet Arora: CEO, TAC Security, Popularly known as ‘India’s Mark Zuckerberg’
  • Meet Shah:, +91 70696 49914
  • Parichay Thakore:, +91 80059 96381
  • Varun Dolia:, +91 90994 41282
  • Vyom Mudgal:, +91 84606 44789
For full details and to register for the events, click here.



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