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Distortion: The Battle of Bands @ IIM Indore: Apply by Nov 10

IRIS boasts of a splendid legacy that dates back to the turn of the millenium. Amidst the typical B-school environment, it brings forth a fresh amalgamation of management and culture in an exhilarating 3 day extravanganza.

IRIS is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, a bridge that connects simple earthlings to the heavenly abode of the Gods. Taking inspiration from this, the festival provides a platform for those mere mortals, relying on their wits, skills and determination, to strive for glory and achieve what is beyond their reach.

Since it’s inception in 2001, it has emerged as a flagship management-cultural fest of IIM Indore. It is more of an amalgamation of talent and action involving brightest business minds across the nation. Over the year, it has seen huge participation from premier institutions of the nation and high corporate inclusion. IRIS has also been on the pages of the Guiness World Record Book.

IRIS oversees participation from more than 50 top colleges in India. With a footfall of 20,000+ students and professionals, IRIS is one of the the biggest rendezvous of best minds of India. Students participate in over 22 events spanning 7 business disciplines.

The Battle of Bands which brings in the best talents from across India and gives them a glorified stage to make hay when the sun shines. With the crowd out there idling in a wintry lull blaze on your warring beats to take them to the enigmatic journey of music. Step down on the “Distortion” pedals while painting the black and white keys with your music.

Format of the Event

1st Round: The band will be required to submit a Soundcloud/Google Drive/YouTube link containing: 2 recordings of Original Composition/Cover at this link.

2nd Round: The 5 selected bands from 1st round will be invited to be the part of the live event during IRIS-2018.

  1. Each team will get 20 minutes of time onstage to perform in the live event which also includes the sound-check time.
  2. Maximum number of members in any team can be 8.
  3. Apart from drums, each band has to bring their own instruments.
  • Email:
  • Utkarsh Rathi: +91-7798275557
  • John Antony: +91-8606422825
For official website, click here.


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