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Go Rurban Yatra & Camp [Itarsi to Katni, Nov 17-28]: Register by Oct 31

About the Camp

A bus journey and camp to explore nonviolent local economy with Go Rurban.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shaken every political, economic, ecological, and humanitarian aspect of our world. And this pandemic appears like the start of the series of crises we are yet to witness in the future. The shortcomings of the current world order seem more evident now. Amidst the growing violence everywhere, there appears now a growing demand to reconfigure the world’s economic systems in ways that minimize violence on people and the planet. A system that nurtures actual well-being rather than only wealth as money.

Combination of the words “rural” and “urban”, Go Rurban is a youth initiative seeking to bridge the flaring gap between rural and urban since 2016. This time, with Go Rurban Yatra & Camp, it is making an attempt to analyze the current world order through a different lens by finding nonviolent ways out of this new dimension of disorder which appears as a legacy vital to these contemporary struggles. A journey to explore and understand non-violent local economy into the rural parts of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.

The Go Rurban Yatra & Camp is a 7-day bus journey from Itarsi to Katni, Madhya Pardesh followed by a 4-day stay-in camp at Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti (MJVS) in Katni, a non-profit organization working around inclusive, alternative and nonviolent economies in rural areas by organizing youth and women power, and influencing policies based on study and analysis. And this year, MJVS is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

The unique intersection of Go Rurban’s basic emphasis on creating a meeting point for the rural and urban youth and that of MJVS’ aim of encouraging people’s participation in building a nonviolent economy will be visible in this year’s Go Rurban Yatra & Camp.

With 15 participants, the Go Rurban Yatra & Camp will begin from November 18 exploring the possibilities and realities of a nonviolent economic structure in the present world order, living in rural settings, practicing art, traveling, walking, dancing, and learning together through the heart of India. 10 more participants additionally will be a part of ONLY the Camp starting from 24th November. Moreover, the activities of the camp will be art-centric. Keeping all safety measures in check, it will end on 28th November, thus celebrating 20 significant years of MJVS!

Dates for Yatra: 18th – 24th November, 2020 (Reporting date 17th November)
Dates for Camp: 24th – 28th November, 2020 (Reporting date 24th November)

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the camp through this link.

Registration Deadline

Oct 31, 2020


Anand Jaiswal
Phone: 9424422601, 7773027179




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