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GIAN Course on Asymmetric Information and Financial Contracts @ JMI, New Delhi [Oct 22-27]: Registrations Open

About University

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) is a central university established in 1920. University would be celebrating its centenary in a few years from now and has emerged as a top ranking educational institute in the country. With this conference, the department aspires to launch itself as a center for study and research on rural tourism and through it the rural development.

About Course

The access to funds is often unduly difficult or expensive for governments and firms. This is due to the difficulty of contracting under uncertainty about future events but also uncertainty about the abilities and the behavior of the borrower.

The direct or indirect production of information before or during the implementation of a contract can take various forms of signals, incentives and commitments. For instance, collateral and covenants are common in the case of bank loans; power-sharing in decision-making is common in partnerships and equity finance.

The course offers insights into the application to corporate, bank and government finance of key reference contracts and of economic models of asymmetric information.

Course Details

This course is organized in two modules that should be taken together.

Module 1 covers the topics of corporate finance like Leverage and External Finance: The Modigliani-Miller Benchmark, Conjectures about Balance Sheets, Understanding Risk in Financial Contracts, Bankruptcy Costs and Benefits, Hidden Ability and Actions of the Borrowers, Agency Theory and Practical Views of Corporate Finance.

Module 2 covers the topics on Definition and Roles of Banks, Self-fulfilling Crises, The Euro and European Debt Crisis, Soft Budget Constraints, Debt Renegotiations, and Alternative Models and Experiences of Crises and Recoveries under the broad theme of Banking, Governments and Financial Crises.

Course participants will learn these topics through lectures, discussions, case studies and short assignments. A brief course outline is presented at the end.

Who Can Attend

Students, Researchers and Young Faculty Members across disciplines from Universities/
Colleges/ Institutes from India and Abroad.
Industries/Banks/Financial Institutions/ Research Organisations/Government Bodies
from India and Abroad.


The primary objectives of the course are as follows:
1. Economic Analysis and Modeling
2. Critical Thinking and Challenges
3. Applications

Date and Venue

22-27 October 2018, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Registration Fees

Outside India: US$500

Indian Nationals:
Industry/ Corporate – Rs 10000
Faculty Members/ Teachers from Academic Institutions/ – Rs 5000
Research Organisation
Students/ Research Scholars – Rs 1000

The above fee includes all instructional materials, computer use for tutorials, 24 hr free internet facility. The participants may be provided with accommodation at in the university campus on payment basis at official rates subject to the availability.


Dr. Mirza Allim Baig
Mobile: +91 9871011628/ 9205256946

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