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EY GDS Hackpions 4.0 [Exciting Cash Prizes]: Register by April 24

The Hackpions, the fifth edition of the hackathon is organized by the Enablement Services function of EY Global Delivery Services (GDS). 

About the Hackathon

The hackathon aims to connect participants with experts to tackle real-world challenges. It brings together technology champions, students, and working professionals such as yourself, from varied domains.

Through the event, we’d encourage you to showcase expertise in creating technical and creative solutions that put people at the center and transform the user experience across industries. After all, innovation does not exist in a vacuum. It begins and evolves with the users and their needs.  

In this thrilling live event, set to take place in our Gurugram office premises, we’ll be asking you to develop tools, apps, bots, and other advanced solutions.

You can build hacks in critical and extensive domains by leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud, and data analytics technologies. You’ll also get a chance to be mentored by professionals from EY GDS and HackerEarth, who will handhold you while you take up the challenge to turn hacks into real-world business solutions. 

What does the challenge include?

You are expected to ideate problem statements and churn out advanced solutions. Your prototype should belong to any of the following technology stacks: App development or API development, data science, artificial intelligence or machine learning, game development, WebApp development, full-stack, and cloud computing.

Why join the event?

You and your team can compete from wherever you are, whether you are a student, a new joiner, or an experienced working professional. This is an opportunity to work with and learn from the industry’s leading minds and develop solutions using the tools and resources of EY GDS.

Top teams, winners, and all the finalists stand a chance to win exciting prizes and rewards, along with an opportunity to work for EY GDS as interns, based on the skillset and EY GDS’ hiring guidelines.  


  • Simplified Data Sourcing
  • Smart Dashboard Editor
  • Intelligent Compliance Monitoring
  • Digital Process Manual Creation

The expected statistical solutions for all the themes are mentioned below:

  • The solution should ideally be suitable for deployment in an Azure cloud platform.           
  • The tools can leverage open source, custom libraries, application programming interfaces (API) from cloud platforms.       
  • Azure and MS Tech stack continue to be the most preferred stacks, over which we would like to build the solutions.
  • Open-source technologies are permitted if Azure and MS Tech stack cannot solve the problem, or don’t have access to the stacks mentioned above.
  • However, you must design the solution so that it can be easily ported to Azure and MS Tech stack, and provide a valid business reason for choosing open-source technologies during the evaluation stage.
  • The preferred technology stack is C#, .NET, and Python for artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML).
  • You are also free to use libraries that are not licensed under Affero General Public License (AGPL) and CCA (Creative Commons Attribution).


This Hackathon is open to all individuals above the age of 18 years at the time of registration. Employees of HackerEarth Inc. and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, interns, agents, judges, and advertising and promotion agencies shall not participate in this Hackathon. EY GDS employees will mentor non-EY teams and not be part of the participating teams.


  • Finale top winners (4): There will be four winners. INR 1,50,000 will be awarded to each team (i.e., one winner per problem statement.)
  • Finale runners up (4): There will be four winners. INR 50,000 will be awarded to each team (i.e., total of one team per problem statement and and total five teams from Semi Finals).

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the hackathon through this link.

Registration Deadline

April 24, 2022

Click here to view the official notification for the EY GDS Hackpions 4.0.


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