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Eureka 2018 Business Plan @ IIT Bombay [Prizes worth Rs. 50 Lakhs]: Register by Sep 28

What is Eureka!?

Instated to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and business acumen among people all around the world, Eureka! fast-tracks the journey from an innovative idea to a commercial success.

Eureka! is Asia’s largest business model competition accredited independently by CNN and Thomson Reuters. Eureka! prides itself on providing a 360 degree, holistic experience in the 5 month period that it spans. Right from acknowledging that your idea has a potential, to drafting a B-Model and pitching in front of an esteemed panel of investors, this platform has it all!


Innovation and entrepreneurship are the wheels that steer the world into a brighter future. Great ideas result into great undertakings which pave the way for glaring success.

In order to facilitate this vision, Eureka! provides a platform for potential ideas and early-stage startups to evaluate their plan in the risk-free environment of a competition. It aims to bridge the gap between ideas and the realization of an enterprise.

  1. Teams must answer each question in the questionnaire in order to be considered for evaluation.
  2. The questionnaire of Eureka! is so designed that compiling the answers to the questions would create a basic but complete image of the idea. A participant is expected to answer all questions in the questionnaire in detail.
  3. The answers to the questionnaire can be saved and edited repeatedly till the last day of submission i.e. 28th September, 2018. The last saved answers would be frozen at 11:59 pm IST on 28th September, 2018.
Registration Details

Step 1: Register here for Eureka! 2018.
Step 2: You will have to provide the team leader details, team members details, postal address and other details as required. You will receive a confirmation mail.
Step 3: After confirming, you can proceed to the submissions page.

Note: There is no participation fee.

Multiple registrations can be made by logging into your ID and simply creating another idea. Please note that for different ideas you have to submit different set of answers for the questionnaire and create a different set of team.

Teams can consist of individuals from different colleges/ companies. Teams can be of any size, but a typical team consists of 3 to 7 members. Having more than 7 members is not allowed. You may include faculty, industrialists, professionals, etc in your team.

Important Dates
  1. 1st Round deadline: 28th Sept, 2018
  2. Basic Questionnaire Launch: 22nd Oct
  3. Basic Questionnaire Deadline: 26th Oct
  4. Semi- finalist Declaration: 30th Oct
  5. Preliminary Submission: 2nd Nov
  6. Offline Mentors Meet: 30th Nov-2nd Dec
  7. B-model Submission: 9th Dec
  8. Minimum Viable Product/PoC submission: 12th Dec
  9. Declaration of Finalist: 27th Dec
  10. Ultimate B-model Submission: 14th Jan
  11. Presentation Draft Submission: 17th Jan
  12. Final Pitch: 19th Jan
  13. Results: 20th Jan, 2019

A mentor will be allotted to all the teams that qualify for the second round i.e. the Business Model Round. The mentoring session will begin in November and end in December.


Kushal Agarwal, Events Head: +91-9163779100;

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.


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