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E-Hunt: Online Treasure Hunt by KIET e-Cell [Oct 10, 6:00 PM, Exciting Prizes Available]: Registration Open

About the Organiser

KIET e-Cell is a student body of KIET, formed in 2014 with the aim to promote an entrepreneurial culture among the young minds of today’s generation, and encouraging the entrepreneurial mindset of an aspiring individual to convert their “Drop of an Idea into an Ocean of Reality”.

About the Event

The KIET e-Cell is organising E-Hunt: an Online Treasure Hunt on Oct 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

Event Details
  • Team Size – 1 Member
  • Rounds – 1
  • There are no prerequisites, the event is Free and Open for all.
  • Certificates for all the participants and coupons for winners
  • Whoever solves the last clue first, wins.
  • Answer to all the clues would be an MNC
  • The first clue will be uploaded on our Instagram Page i.e @kietecell
  • For the next clues, let’s say if the first answer is Apple then you will have to search for @apple_kietecell and DM the logic there to get the next clue.
How to Register?
  • Interested applicants can apply for the event through this link.
  • E-certificates and gift coupons for the top three candidates. Also, e-certificates for the top 10 performers.



Noticebard is proud to be the media partner for this event.



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