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Course on Ultracold Molecules and Controlled Chemistry @ IIT Ropar [Dec 16-20]: Apply by Oct 16


Atomic and molecular phenomena at temperatures close to absolute zero have become a frontier area of experimental and theoretical research in Physics and Chemistry. This is due to the spectacular progress achieved in recent years in cooling and trapping of a large variety of atoms and molecules at temperatures in the micro Kelvin and nano Kelvin regimes.
The success in creating quantum degenerate gases of atoms and molecules has revolutionized Atomic, Molecular, Optical (AMO) Physics, and Physical Chemistry and led to dramatic advancements in precision spectroscopy and controlled chemistry.
This new regime of chemistry also requires new theoretical formulations and novel methods to describe how external fields couple reactant and product quantum states.
Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and tutorials. Also, case studies and assignments will be shared to stimulate the research motivation of participants.


1. Explore precision spectroscopy and controlled chemistry with ultracold molecules
2. Understand mechanistic details of chemical reactions at cold and ultracold temperatures
3. Explore new theories of chemical reactions and how alignment, confinement and external field effects influence reactivity at ultracold temperatures
4. Motivate students and researchers to undertake cutting-edge research in frontier areas of chemistry and physics.

Course Content

1. Why ultracold molecules and Controlled Chemistry?
2. Theoretical description of ultracold collisions – I
3. Methods for creation of cold and ultracold molecules
4. Experimental studies of cold and ultracold reactions and inelastic collisions
5. Theoretical description of ultracold collisions – II
6. Geometric phase effects in ultracold reactions
7. Resonant and quasi-resonant scattering at ultracold temperatures
8. Future research directions and Bose-enhanced chemistry


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