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Course on Research Methodology in Science & Engineering at IIT Indore [Dec 26-30]: Register by Dec 22

About the Course

This course is made for TEQIP-III sponsored institute participants to elevate the general methods in research and help them in their respective research domains to have an effective and fruitful output. Any other researchers are welcome to participate in this course which will cover the following curriculum in a methodical and pedagogical way.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Research Perspective
  • Types of research: Qualitative Research, Experimental Research, Survey Research
  • Research formulation: Literature review, Necessity to define Research problem, Research gap, working hypothesis, Sampling
  • Research design
  • Data collection and Analysis: Basics of statistics, data processing and analysis strategies and tools, hypothesis testing, interpretation of data points, Quantitative Data Analysis Techniques
  • Research Writing and Presentation
  • Research Evaluation and Critique
  • Registration is Free for TEQIP-III participants. (limited to 50 participants on the first-come-first-serve basis)
  • TEQIP-III participants should upload a copy of their institute ID card (mandatory) in jpg or pdf format in their online registration.
  • Registration fees for non-TEQIP-III participants (Non-refundable):
    Rs. 10,000 (for Industry personnel)
    Rs. 5,000 (for Faculty members/Scientists)
    Rs. 3,000 (for PhD students [Upload a copy of student ID card])
  • Non-TEQIP-III participants should upload the transaction receipt of the payment of registration fees, while doing the online registration (mandatory).
  • Link to register: Click Here
  • Please register before 22 December 2020.

Prof. Raghunath Sahoo
Email: raghunath[at]
Phone: +91 6264818486 (M)

Prof. Vinod Kumar
Email: vkt [at]
Phone:+91 86191 49375 (M)

Course on Research Methodology in Science & Engineering at IIT Indore.



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