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Course on Nutrition, Exercise and Sports by Wageningen University & Research [Online, 6 Weeks]: Enroll Now

About the course

Nutrition is crucial to live an active and healthy life, to support training, and to optimize performance. In this course, researchers and teachers from Wageningen University & Research will familiarize you with the nutritional aspects of exercise and sports.

What are the basic concepts in exercise physiology and sport nutrition science? How is exercise being fueled for the different types of sports like; power sports, sprinting and endurance exercise? And how does protein support skeletal muscle mass and performance? In this course you will learn to estimate energy needs and understand thermoregulation and fluid balance.

You will learn about the role of micronutrients and supplements in exercise performance. Moreover, you will be introduced to some health issues related to doing exercise. This course also touches upon how the lessons learned from nutrition and sports research can be applied during ageing. For example, what are the benefits of extra protein in vulnerable age groups?

For whom?

This course is especially useful for:

  • Sport- and health coaches, Physiotherapists and Dietitians
  • People working in the (sport) food industry
  • Athletes and professional sporters
  • Everyone with a healthy appetite for knowledge about nutrition, exercise and sports
What you’ll learn
  • The key concepts of exercise physiology and sports nutrition science
  • Important nutritional aspects of exercise including energy, carbohydrates & fats, protein metabolism and fluid balance
  • Why certain nutritional strategies can enhance exercise and sports performance
  • The role of micronutrients and supplements in exercise and sports
  • The relationship between Exercise, Nutrition and Health, also during ageing
  • Develop a critical mind-set in the field of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
  • Introduction to Sport Nutrition (Science)
  • Skeletal Muscle, Exercise and Sports
  • Energy and Fluid balance
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients and ergogenic supplements
  • Exercise and Nutrition during ageing

To enroll for this programme, click the link below.

Course on Nutrition, Exercise and Sports

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