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Course on Machine Learning for Engineering Applications at IIT Delhi [June 1-5]: Register by Mar 15


IIT Delhi is conducting a short term Course on Machine Learning for Engineering Applications from June 1 to 5, 2020. The aim of the course is to introduce the relevance of machine learning in a wide range of academic and industrial problems relevant to various engineering disciplines.
Topics of the sessions will include the basics of widely used algorithms for linear and non-linear regressions such as elastic net, principal component regression, support vector machine, and neural networks.

  • Appreciate the role of machine learning in engineering disciplines
  • Understand machine learning algorithms
  • Use data mining to predict hidden trends
  • Make appropriate decisions employing databased modeling
  • Gain hands-on experience on open-source packages for machine learning algorithms
Course Content
  1. Data Analysis;
  2. Probability Distributions
  3. Discrete and Continuous;
  4. Estimation and Hypothesis Testing;
  5. Linear Regression and its Derivatives
  6. Partial Least Squares,
  7. Principal Component Analysis,
  8. Lasso, Ridge and Elastic Net;
  9. Estimation and Inference;
  10. Non-Linear Regression:
  11. Support Vector Machine,
  12. Neural Networks,
  13. Gaussian Process Modelling;
  14. Classification and Clustering;
  15. Engineering Applications and Hands-on sessions
Target Audience

The course is designed for practicing engineers, industry professionals, faculty members and students from All Engineering Disciplines.

Resource Person

The following faculty members will deliver a lecture during the course:

  • Prof. N.M. Anoop Krishnan, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi Prof.
  • Manoj M., Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi
  • Prof. Hariprasad Kodamana., Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi
  • Interested candidates, meeting the application criteria, have to fill the attached registration form.
  • Please email the duly filled registration form to Ms. Nikita Gupta ( for the registration.
  • To download the registration form, click here.
  • Once the candidate is shortlisted he/she has to deposit a fully refundable token registration fee of Rs. 2000/- to IIT Delhi CEP account online (details attached).
  • The registration amount is fully refundable once the participant attends all the sessions of the program.
  • The last date to register is March 15, 2020.

Phone Number: 011-265961024
Email ID:

For further details, click here.


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