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Course on Mechatronic Systems and Product Design @ NIT Warangal [Dec 16-20]: Registrations Open!


As competition grows from world-class manufacturers, engineering designers must critically examine their product design strategies. Competing in a global market requires the adaptation of modern technology to yield flexible, multifunctional products that are better, cheaper, and more intelligent than others. New product development procedures today use increasingly sophisticated solutions to streamline and speed product development as well as improve overall product quality.
Traditional approach regarded users and consumers as passive consumers. Producers believed that if they develop a good quality product, that would satisfy their users, and they thought its functions are utilities. The course will cover design thinking by hardware in the loop, Triz, axiomatic design. Case studies will cover interdisciplinary approaches to coursework, experiential learning, and projects.
Issues on balancing fundamental theory and modeling methods with system-level issues of hardware components, interfacing requirements, simulation, and programming tools, and practical applications of Mechatronics systems, Robotics and Industry 4.0 will be discussed.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Mechatronics Design Process
  • Simulation and Modeling trends in Mechatronics
  • Block diagram approach, Physical Modeling from the actual system to the physical model
  • Physics based models, Hardware in the loop design methodology
  • Product Configuration and Product Design for Function
  • Creative Problem Solving applied to Product Design
  • Laboratory exercises with Mechatronics Technology Demonstrator
  • Design Thinking approaches, TRIZ, Axiomatic Design, and Structured Innovation
  • Design for Assembly, Design for Disassembly and Maintenance for Mechatronics Products
  • Evaluation of Mechatronics Case Studies

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