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Course on Integration of Biomechanics, Control & Neurophysiology @ NIT Trichy [Oct 1-5]: Register by Sep 29


The fine understanding of the biomechanics of human movement is important in neurorehabilitation,
development of intelligent prosthesis, clinical and sport biomechanics. This course will introduce students to the application of classical biomechanics to understand the theory of biomechanics in human movement (includes both kinematics and kinetics).
This knowledge will be then strengthened via introducing some case studies and tutorials related to sports applications. The students understanding of these concepts will be examined through the study of normal gait dynamics, application of electromyography; motion and force/pressure measuring equipment and techniques; inverse dynamics modelling of the human body; current topics in Neurophysiology application of Biomechanics.
Specifically to make students aware of the current state of the art in this research will promote the analytical skills of the students in the understanding the research aspects of the present course.

  • Practical/Clinical Application of Joint Kinetics/ Kinematics
  • Development of Force Sensors for Sport Applications
  • Biomechanics Applications for Adaptive Motor Learning and Device Control
  • Development of Interactive Gaming as Experimental/Design Protocol
  • Signal Processing challenges in Neuro-prosthetics: A Machine Learning approach for mapping of neural activity to locomotion
  • Describe the role of biomechanical analysis for intelligent prosthesis design and development.
  • Describe the biomechanical factors that affect Force/pressure analyses: A detailed study
  • Neurophysiology of Foot pressure variation in Diabetic neuropathy: An experimental approach
  • Develop a working knowledge of common modelling/simulation tool used in biomechanical analysis.
Who can attend?
  • B.Tech / M.Tech / PhD students of Mechanical, Biomedical Engineering, Instrumentation & Control Electrical, Electronics and Medical students (with special interest), who are likely to be benefited by learning the fundamental aspects of Biomechanics of human movement.
  • Faculty members, Research Associates, Clinicians and Industry partners from reputed academic/technical and medical institutions.
  • Students at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions.
  • Number of participants for the course will be limited to fifty

Interested one can register via GIAN website on or before the last date i.e 29 September 2019.

  • Participants from abroad: US $500
  • Faculties from academic institutions/Govt. research organizations: Rs. 5000/-
  • Person from Industry: Rs. 10,000/-
  • PhD students: Rs. 3000/-
  • B.Tech./M.Tech./M.Sc./Medicine : Rs. 2000/‐

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