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Course on Environment and its Sustainability @ NIT Warangal [Nov 19-23]: Registrations open

About the Course

To understand the main trends of the impact of pollutants and xenobiotics on the nature and resist this negative influence it is necessary to study the transformation and transport of the matter in the natural media (atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and living organisms).

There are lots of highly contaminated regions in the world, thus discussion of the concept and methodologies from the point of ecosystem preservation will help in creation the framework for cleaning of these sites and their sustainable functioning. The knowledge in the field of environmental sciences providing will bring a comprehensive understanding of a number of problems in this area.

The internationally reputed experts working in the field of environmental engineering, chemistry and phytoremediation technology will deliver lectures and discuss cases relating to the chemical aspects of environment contamination and clean-up.


1. Exposure of participants to the fundamentals chemical aspects of the elements behavior in nature.
2. Formation of representations concerning modeling of pollutants distribution in environmental mediums.
3. Development of approach for the study of hazardous metals transformation and transport in contaminated areas on the example of the mining tailings ponds.
4. Acquisition of the knowledge about the plants ability to accumulate the toxic substances.
5. Building awareness about the current state of phytoremediation practical use.

  • ┬áStudent at all levels (B.Tech/M Tech/Ph D) and Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions can benefit from this program as the credit course.
  • Engineers, working officials of NGOs, and researchers in the field of water and environment can attend to this course.
  • Student, teachers and working officials of SAARC countries can also attend to this course.

The participation fees (Excluding Lodging & Boarding) for taking the course is as follows:
Students Participants without/with Grading : Rs. 1000/Rs. 2000
Faculty (Internal & External) & Scientists : Rs. 4,000
Persons working in Industry / Consultancy firms : Rs. 8,000
Foreign Students : USD 100
Other Foreign Participants : USD 200
The above fee include all instructional materials, computer use for tutorials and assignments, laboratory equipment usage charges, 24 hr free internet facility. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.


Phone: 9908132001/ 8639600208
E-mail: /

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