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Course on Digital Business @ IIT Madras [Nov 26-30]: Registrations Open

About the Course

Starting with the notion that an organization is a capital creation system, this course will consider various facets related to using digitization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of capital creation. It is based on the research of the presenter, who has been publishing in this area for more than a decade and is actively involved with CIOs in helping them understand how to become a digital business.

Lesson Plan

Many organizations are currently addressing two important transformational issues, ecological sustainability and digitization. This course introduces a flexible model that can be applied to current and future organizational challenges, including sustainability and digitization, because the fundamentals are constant. Capital creation and conversion are what societies have done for thousands of years by applying five basic systems. Leaders will continue to design their organization’s future by creating and refining systems for capital conversion.

This course illustrates how digitization is changing capital creation, and you will be able to apply the same principles to understand how future technologies will also change capital creation.


UG & PG Students
Research Scholars
Faculty Members
Practicing Managers


Student Participants: INR 1000
Faculty Particpants: INR 2500
Participants from Government Research Organizations: INR 2500
Industry Particpants: INR 5000
The above fee is towards participation in the course, course materials/handouts, textbook, and any other resources utilized in IIT Madras.

Registration Procedure

1. Go to GIAN website ( First time users need to register and pay a one-time fee of INR 500.
2. Enroll for the course: Digital Business: The Innovation Challenge of the Next Decade. Once you enroll for the course, an Enrollment/Application number will be generated, and the course coordinators will be notified.


Cell: +91 8056078251

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