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Course on Design and Performance Analysis of 5G Wireless Systems @ IIT Kanpur [Nov 13-19]: Apply by Oct 28


This course will cover the design, analysis, implementation and optimization of 5G wireless systems based on the cutting edge mmWave MIMO, Massive MIMO, NOMA, FBMC, Full Duplex, and IoT technologies. These revolutionary technologies have enabled the realization of the three key goals of 5G – data rates in excess of 10 Gbps, connectivity to support 1 million per square kilometer device density and sub-millisecond latencies.
Together, these technologies form the cornerstone in the realization of path-breaking applications such as drone communications, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle to infrastructure communication (V2X), augmented/ virtual reality (AR/ VR), and several others. In particular, mmWave MIMO will enable extreme capacity and speeds by exploiting high-frequency bands, while Massive MIMO can deploy a large number of antennas (250 – 500) to achieve a 10X increase in the number of multiplexed users.
Finally, NOMA, which enables non-orthogonal asynchronous transmission, can integrate a massive number of sensor devices in the 5G ecosystem towards the development of smart cities and smart grids.



  • Introduction and Key Specs of 5G Technologies
  • Opportunities and Challenges in mmWave MIMO Communication
  • Channel Models for mmWave MIMO Systems
  • Hybrid Signal Processing for mmWave MIMO
  • Digital and Analog Beamforming
  • Hybrid RF/ BB Precoder and Combiner Design for mmWave MIMO
  • Hybrid Transceiver Architectures for mmWave MIMO
  • Sparse Signal Processing and Channel Estimation for mmWave MIMO
  • Optimal Design of Beams and Sensing Matrix for Channel Estimation
  • Overview of Sub 6GHz Multiple Antenna, MIMO, and MU-MIMO Technologies
  • Signal Processing for MIMO Systems
  • Optimal Power Allocation and Precoding for MIMO
  • Introduction to 5G Massive MIMO Systems

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